The February half term is here and many families are planning trips and days out for the week ahead. Trying to find activities that the whole family will enjoy and that won’t put a strain on your bank account can prove quite difficult.

We have found free activities you can do at home or lower cost days out to plan for the week. Spend time with your kids without worrying about the cost.

Go Camping!

Finding a pitch to go camping can be a low cost plan for a one night stay or more. Find campsites near you using Pitchup. Pack lots of layers in the car and head over to spend a night under the stars. You could find a campsite which will host events for the kids but if not, take a stroll around the countryside and see what wildlife you can spot. Reserve a campfire to roast marshmallows,

To make this even more budget friendly, you can pitch your tent in the garden, make some s’mores and tell spooky stories for the night. The kids will love the idea of making a bedroom in the garden and you don’t have to spend a thing.

Make a den inside!

The February weather may make you lean towards more indoor activities and we don’t blame you! Why not try out den making? Push the chairs and sofa’s together, bring down all your sheets and work as a team to build to ultimate den. You can create a name for the new kingdom and give everyone a role to defend the land, get the kids working together and spark their imaginations.

Host a mini Olympics!

Set up an obstacle course and make them jump through hoops, literally. Set it up outside, or in the house if you’re brave and select fun prizes for them to win for each round. This could be chocolate or it could be choosing the movie the family watches that night.

The egg and spoon race, beanbag race (using pillowcases), set up a course around the house and see who gets to the finish line first, use chairs and soft cushions to slow them down and make them jump over them.

This will be great entertainment, for you and the kids and will result in very tired children by the end of the day. Keeping them active, engaged and entertained.

Visit your local farm park!

There are farm parks all across the UK and usually with low entry costs too. Take the kids to visit the animals and learn all about farm life. This is a great way for kids to learn and being around animals is always positive, they could even feed them.

Craft days!

Getting messy and creating something fun is usually a hit and you can do this at home for a low cost. Visit your local Hobbycraft or other craft store and pick out something fun. At Hobbycraft you will find ceramic money boxes which you can paint. For £5 you can choose from a wide variety of characters including a dinosaur, a fairy, a car, an octopus and more and it comes with the paint and the brushes already. Lay down a sheet on your table at home and let them get to work. Once they are done they will have a creation of their own, and a place to keep any pocket money too.

You might also find that the Hobby craft near you is hosting workshops that are only £5-8 to join in on activities like canvas painting and making clay animals.

Make a photo album!

Let your kids create a book of memories that you can all enjoy looking back on. Help them pick the photos and add them to a book. Write notes for each picture and go wild with creativity. Even with the finger marks, the bad spelling or the smudges, this will be something you can look back on as your children write messages about each memory in the photo.