This year the EUROS begin again in June, hosted in Germany and set to increase spending across the UK again.

In 2022 the UK viewers of the Euros reached 17.4m and globally there were over 300 million viewers.


Where do people spend the most money?

Pubs and restaurants are welcome hosts to fans across the country who are more willing to spend around the time of the sporting event.

Lloyds Bank data found that in 2020, the year England were in the finals, spending in pubs and restaurants increased by 52%.

As well as this, spending in supermarkets increased by 26% in the time between June and July that year.


The economic impact

In 2022 during the UEFA Women’s Euro spending was at a high as well with an £81m economic impact for host cities across the Country.

They found that there was £44m in spectator spending around matchdays as well as trips to host cities.

Domestic and international visitors made over 552,000 day and over night trips to these cities.

Sporting events have been proven to lift the spirits of the public and in effect increase their spending which boost business and therefore the economy.

The economic impact is always greater for the host country which is why the bid for this is intense and begins early. England, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, the Republic of Ireland and Turkey are already bidding for the host role for 2028 reported from Sky News.


Is this a short-term boost?

While businesses definitely prosper from large sporting events and increased spending this effect does usually die down. Once the celebrations disappear the spending slows and could even decrease.

If the public have overspent during the event then they may have the next few months of cutting back which leads to inconsistent spending.