The war in Gaza has now been going on since October 2023 with millions of people injured, relocated or having died from the conflict. Those who are lucky have been able to be evacuated from Gaza but there are millions more who are still trapped in the dangerous climate.


The Cost

The cost for any individual to claim passage through this route is $5000 (£4000) for each adult and $2500 for each child wanting to travel.

Hala Consulting and tourism have become the only way for people to gain access to the border.

The prices on this route have surged since the war began and many are calling out the Egyptian authorities for this advantageous price increase.


The Route

Egypt is offering a route out of Gaza from Rafah, the southernmost city in Gaza.

Egyptian authorities have reported around 83,000 people having left Gaza since the beginning of the war.

This region only had a population of around 28,000 people before the war began, now the population is about 1.7 million people trying to obtain safe passage. Many here will be without the correct documentation to travel with friends and family desperately searching for a way for them to escape.


Many people are trying to escape Gaza and the conflict however with the high prices and need for multiples forms of documentation as well as the weeks of waiting whilst violence and danger still surrounds them makes the route incredibly difficult


Is the UK sending aid?

In January 2024 the UK, working with Qatar sent 17 tonnes of tents to provide shelter for those families who are displaced by the conflict.

In February 2024 the UK, working with Jordan delivered 4 tonnes of aid to Tal Al-Hawa Hospital. Included in this package was medicines, fuel and food for patients and staff.

In March 2024 the UK Royal Air Force airdropped over 10 tonnes of food to the northern Gaza coastline.

The United Nations will be distributing aid including blankets and more tents.

The World Food Programme is distributing more than 2000 tonnes of UK-funded food aid which will be the largest delivery of aid from the UK.