Conservatives, Labour and the Lib Dems have promised they will not be increasing Income tax, VAT and national insurance if they come into government.

This is coming at the official 5 week campaign begins and all MPs now considering candidates for each party.

Jeremy Hunt, the conservative Chancellor has clearly stated the promise for no tax increases, this came before a claim that Labour have plans to raise taxes. Shortly after Rachel Reeves, the labour Chancellor have stated they do not plan to increase and want taxes to be lower for working people not higher.

Lib Dems to triple tax on large social media companies which would bring in £1.5bn to fund their pledge for therapists and mental health professionals in all schools including primary and secondary.


With the parties promising lower taxes and no rises to come, how will public spending be funded?

The Institute of Fiscal Studies is warning the public that whoever wins may have to raise taxes or cut spending to maintain the economy.

Rishi Sunak makes the claim that Labour’s plans will cost working families £2000 each. The in fighting between parties is expected to continue leading up to the election in July.