Now prices are returning to more normal rates, going shopping may be less stressful and buying yourself a treat for the week could become more viable. Supermarkets are always competing with each other to offer the best rewards and prices to entice customers to make them their regular shop.

Certain supermarkets are now introducing a new incentive for shoppers in the form of challenges through their loyalty schemes. These new features are encouraging spending in supermarkets which could lead to over-spending.


Sainsbury’s Nectar card

  • When you sign up for a nectar card you can get 1 point for every £1 you spend in store or at Sainsbury’s petrol stations.
  • You accumulated points can be spent in store or online and you can also find member discounts and savings when you scan your card.
  • You can also redeem your points at their reward partner stores including Argos, Expedia, SkyStore, Deliveroo, eBay and more. You will also have the option to donate to a charity of your choice.
  • For every £100 you spend you only receive 50p in rewards so it takes a long time to build up any worthwhile rewards.


Tesco Clubcard

  • Sign up and scan the QR code on your app as well as view your vouchers and rewards building up on your phone
  • Receive 1 point for every £1 spent in store, online, Tesco mobile accounts or at a Tesco petrol station. 150 points will equate to £1.50 in vouchers.
  • With a Clubcard you will be able to get instant discounts on selected items when shopping, those listed with a Clubcard price.
  • With Tesco Clubcard Plus you pay £7.99 a month and will be rewarded with 105 off your shop twice a month as well as all F&F purchases.
  • Reward partners include, Disney +, National Express, RAC, Cineworld, Alton Towers, Thorpe Park and more.
  • You will get a better value when spending your points at a partner store than at Tesco shopping.


Morrisons More

  • Receive points when you buy selected items in store and get instant discounts on personalised items from your shopping habits.
  • 5 points for every litre of petrol.
  • The number of points you earn depend on how many eligible items you buy, 5000 points would qualify you for Morrisons fiver voucher.
  • Certain items are instantly cheaper for members when loyalty card is scanned.
  • When you scan your card you could be rewarded with a surprise treat such as a bakery item, £5 vouchers or Flowers from the store.
  • You will be rewarded for frequent shopping in store.
  • You are limited to only using rewards in store at Morrisons.


Lidl Plus

  • Receive discounts, coupons and weekly prizes
  • Coupons are released every Thursday for chances to get discounts on items.
  • Meeting spending targets can get extra coupons released.
  • Your coupons will be stored on a mobile app.
  • You can redeem your coupons in a Lidl store only.


Iceland Bonus

  • With this loyalty scheme there are no points awarded, rather a cashback system. You can receive £1 for every £20 spent in store. This will equate to 5% cashback credit.
  • You can build this up and use it when it’s most needed, like for a big occasion in store or online.
  • Being a member over 60 means you will be privilege to free home delivery as well as 10% off in store for bonus discounts on Tuesdays.


Asda Rewards

  • Offering milestone missions, buying a certain number of products from the same department or meeting certain spending targets.
  • When missions are completed you will be rewarded with bonus rewards.
  • Items labelled as a star product are on instant discounted prices for members. A cashpot boost gives you 10% off.
  • You can convert your cashpot balance into vouchers to use in store.


M&S and Waitrose also have loyalty schemes where you can earn points and save money in store. Aldi does not yet have any loyalty scheme in place.

The average person is signed up to three different supermarket loyalty schemed in a way to save money and shop around to find the best deals and lowest prices.