The party manifestos reveal little about how it will all be done, more funding into the NHS, less government waste, more defence funding and tax cuts are all mentioned across the manifestos but how can all this be true?


Questions rise about how their promises will be executed and what about our personal finances?


With the UK’s national debt levels higher than ever the interest of paying this back is just rising and keeping the borrowing levels down means getting the income from the UK economy and taxes instead.

Public services like the NHS are deeply suffering which is clear to everyone as the NHS has been a big part of all the manifestos. The waiting lists for appointment and treatments, the strikes from the staff and the lack of space are all reported problems that the parties promise to work on from July.

The conservatives have also promised an increase in funding for defence due to current world affairs and a promise to prepare the UK better.

With all of this spending how are they proposing tax cuts alongside these?

The Institute for Fiscal Studies have stated their prediction for tax increases in the next 5 years as these huge decisions make for incoming changes to the country. They critique the parties for not addressing these financial issues which will affect every household.

Are the parties staying silent until the election or just burying their head in the sand?

They will have to raise taxes to fund public services or let public services suffer further. Or will they borrow more money and see debt rise further?