Each property will be ranked in bands from A-G dependent on their Energy proficiency certificate (EPC).

The higher a property’s EPC rating the more energy efficient it is and so will be provided cheaper energy bills. These properties will use less energy to perform the same task as a more inefficient home.

Lower EPC ratings means it takes a lot more energy to keep the house warm and well lit which will mean higher energy bills and higher carbon emissions.

The ONS report that around 26% of UK greenhouse gas emissions come from our homes.

British Gas have calculated the average gas and electricity bills…

For homes with low usage, usually around 1-2 occupants their average monthly bill would be £97.91.

For homes with high usage, those with 4-5 occupants, their average monthly bill would be £185.59.

Ways you can reduce your energy usage…

There are lots of ways you can do this and they may not save you much one by one but if you try to do as many as you can then this could make a significant difference in your monthly bills.

  • TV usage is one of the highest wastes of energy in UK households, with an average of 22.5 hours of TV activity a week found by Uswitch.
  • Deviate from the trends and don’t go for the biggest screen as smaller ones can help save energy.
  • Use a laptop rather than a desktop and make sure you properly turn them off after use each time and don’t leave them plugged in.
  • In the kitchen, a microwave is more energy efficient than an oven, you can’t use it for everything but when you can this could save you.
  • A slow cooker is a super energy efficient way to cook instead of an oven too, the same for using an air fryer. Learn some recipes using these appliances as studies find that cooking with an air fryer instead of an electric oven could save you 84% of energy.
  • Use a kettle instead of the hob to boil water and don’t overfill, only boil as much water as necessary.
  • Washing your clothes on a 30 degree wash could save you on hot water each time and your clothes will still come out just as clean too.
  • If you can reduce running the dishwasher by one time a week you could save £12 a year.
  • Having a smart meter installed in your home can help you track and bring down your energy costs.


Over time and by using a combination of these simple tips and more you could bring your energy bill down each month.