Today is election day, we hope you are ready to vote at your nearest voting station. At 10pm voting will be closed and before the final verdict there will be the exit poll which has been used to predict the outcome since 2005.

The Exit polls is not a statement of who won but a close prediction which has a very impressive track record. In 2019 the exit poll predicted 368 seats for the Conservative party and the actual number of seats was 365.

The Poll is based on a small sample of votes from 130 different polling stations from around the country. People at the stations are handed a replica ballot to fill in to show who they voted for in the real ballot. These replica ballots are counted to see who comes out on top. They also indicate any changes in areas from the last exit poll and past votes are used to predict how each area could vote this time around.


Exit poll predictions

A Win for Labour

Seats Predicted for Labour - 410

Seats Predicted for Conservatives - 131