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The Pandemic has Called for Touch-Free Authentication for All in the ‘New Normal’

When COVID-19 was confirmed as a pandemic back in March 2020, the World Health Organisation (WHO) encouraged people…

Do Finance Teams Always Play by the Rules?

When traditional systems are placed under heightened pressure, its rules and regulations begin to decay.

Influencer Marketing, Regulation and the Fintech Industry

The use of influencers as a marketing tool is growing ever more popular, but a lack of regulations specific to…

Banking’s New Wave of Transformation: Integrating the Cloud-Enabled…

The last six months have seen significant changes to the financial services landscape, with operational resilience,…

Financial Services

HSBC Profits Plummet by 65%, Accelerating Job Cuts

Falling far below analysts’ expectations, HSBC has struggled as the global pandemic has driven down interest rates…

Forensic Accountants Play a Crucial Role During Coronavirus…

With many COVID-impacted companies facing the prospect of insolvency, the value of forensic accountants is starting…

How These Money Transfer Companies Made It to the Top

The global economy of today is powered by the ability of business and trading organisations to seamlessly transfer…

Bank Shares Fall as Coronavirus Impact Spreads

Quarterly earnings reports have illustrated the damaged caused by COVID-19, and European investors are spooked.


Forensic Accountants Play a Crucial Role During Coronavirus Insolvencies

With many COVID-impacted companies facing the prospect of insolvency, the value of forensic accountants is starting…

Pension Panic: What Is It and How Can You Avoid It?

Anxiety surrounding pensions is at a high, as the COVID-19 pandemic has upset stocks and interest rates the world…

US Consumer Prices Saw a Rebound in June

After three months of declines, consumer prices in the United States bounced back in June by the largest margin…

Lockdown Versus Economy: The Danger of a Rushed Reopening

With several states hurrying to resume business as usual, provoking renewed surges of COVID-19 infection, it is…

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