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Stay ahead in the world of personal finance with the Finance Apps section of Finance Monthly. Here, we explore the latest and most efficient finance applications designed to simplify managing your money. From budgeting tools and investment trackers to digital wallets and banking apps, our expert reviews and comparisons will help you find the best financial apps to suit your lifestyle.

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Learn how to leverage technology to budget smarter, save money, and make informed financial decisions, all at your fingertips.
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Trading Apps: A Few Smart Tips Every Trader Should Know 

18th April 2024
Trading has surged a lot in popularity in recent years. Every other person in the UK is trading these days. Many have even quit their jobs to become full-time traders. The reason behind its growing popularity is pretty straightforward. Trading apps have become extremely accessible.  The ease of access to trading apps has democratized investing, […]
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3 Budgeting Apps to Use in 2024

9th April 2024
Using a finance app can often be a helpful way to keep on track of your money wherever you are and in a specific way for your needs. Tracking your money shows you how much your are spending and can support you in making a change. There are many options for free budget apps as […]
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Top 5 apps to track your business finances

12th March 2024
By using an app or online platform to track your business expenses you could save time and money in your business. In 2024 there are many apps to choose from, however make sure it is one you can trust. Why not trying an app for your personal finances too? Stay on top of your money […]
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Prospects for the Development of Mobile Banking

1st February 2024
Mobile banking, or mobile banking services, has been rapidly gaining popularity in recent years.
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Do trading bots fail?

26th January 2024
Trading bots have exploded in popularity due to the promise of automated profits. But like any technology, bots are far from foolproof. System failures, connectivity issues, and unforeseen market events can all cause algorithms to fail. Here we will look at why even a so-called "smart auto trade bot" can go haywire and how traders […]
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CapCut's AI: Reimagining Virtual Art Exhibitions

17th January 2024
Within the realm of digital creativity, innovation continues to reshape the landscape, and CapCut emerges as a harbinger of transformative advancements.
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Is There A Free Budgeting App?

18th December 2023
This is an innovative free budgeting app that has an intuitive interface and features that are AI-driven...
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Budgeting Apps - The Path To A Free Financial Future?

13th December 2023
...Expense tracking – Tracking your expenses is a vital feature within budgeting apps. If you can see in real time where your money is going, you will be able to get a better handle on it. In some cases, you can set spending limits, so that you don’t overspend...
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The Top 5 Christmas Shopping Money Saving Hacks

5th December 2018
Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but the run-up to the big day is the complete opposite.
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