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A business’s success comes down to the employees that power the operation which means that it is essential that you keep hold of your best workers. This can be challenging as the top performers will usually be looking to progress and earn more money. Here are a few tips:

Career Development Opportunities

As mentioned, the top performers will usually want to advance their career whether this is within the company or by making a move. Therefore, you need to try and keep them at your company by offering options for promotion and development in the form of training.

Additional Responsibilities

Leading on from this, the top performers can easily become bored if they are excelling in their responsibilities. This means that you need to keep them active and engaged so additional responsibilities can be an effective way of doing this while helping them to develop their abilities and find areas of the business that interest them. This could involve leading a project, managing a small team, giving a presentation etc.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback is incredibly important yet often overlooked by business owners. Additionally, the top performers often do not get positive feedback as sometimes owners will believe that they do not require it. This is not the case as it is important that all hard work is recognized, appreciated and celebrated.

Financial Wellbeing Resources

A good salary is, of course, crucial for retaining employees, but it is also important that you can provide financial wellbeing resources for workers. Personal money matters can have a huge impact on employee wellbeing, so if you are able to help your staff to improve their money management then it could have a huge impact on retention, as well as morale, productivity and absenteeism.


It can also be helpful for those that are performing well to have a mentor who can help them with career advice and to further engage them with the company. These mentors should be senior employees who are good at engaging with younger staff and are able to provide valuable support.

In order to grow and succeed, it is essential that a business is able to keep hold of its top performers. If the best workers left, then you will constantly have voids to fill which will result in dips in performance. The above are the best strategies to use to keep hold of your top performers and help them to enjoy their work and maximize their abilities. Retaining employees is all about recognizing their talent, providing them with opportunities to grow and develop within the company and creating a positive working atmosphere. This should then inspire your entire workforce to work hard each and every day.

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