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Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Samsung Are the Most Traded Investments in 1H17

Posted: 18th August 2017 by
Jacob Mallinder
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Big technology brands are proving irresistible to today’s investors, data from award-winning investment game app Invstr has shown.

Experts from the innovative fintech company extracted investment game data from their users in more than 170 countries, and found that, in the six months up to July 31st, outside of silver and gold, familiar consumer-facing brands such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Samsung were the most traded instruments.

Looking further into the data, Invstr found that keeping hold of those big brands could prove a lucrative exercise; the top 10 instruments from the last six months have gone up in value by almost 15% on average.

Plus, the tech companies have been core to that group success. Facebook (27.04% increase), Samsung (23.21%), Amazon (18.67%) and Apple (15.52%) have all experienced hefty growth since February 1, 2017.

Invstr also looked at statistics for the last month (July 3-31) and three months (May 1-July 31), and found that Invstr users were still going strong on the markets with group growth of 8.72% and 4.17% across the top 10 instruments respectively. Tech stocks continued to feature strongly.

Kerim Derhalli, founder and CEO of Invstr, said: “It’s evident from the Invstr data that investors find comfort with the big brands they know and love. Whether it’s the last month, three months or six months, they’ve tended to dominate our top 10 most traded instruments – and it seems to be paying off over longer periods.

“However, everything can change and investors should make sure they are up to speed on the latest price changes and news. Even with growth over the last six months going well, the likes of Apple and Facebook dropped heavily in June before bouncing back in July.

“What we know for sure is that, by gaining more knowledge and understanding of the financial markets, investors can make much more informed decisions which will see their chances of investment success increase.”

Invstr’s top traded instruments

Instrument Performance (%)
Silver +4.03
Gold +4.05
Apple +3.64
Bitcoin > US Dollar +13.15
Facebook +14.03
Amazon +3.58
Netflix +24.28
Brent Crude Oil +5.98
Microsoft +6.65
Bitcoin > Euro +7.77


Instrument Performance (%)
Silver -0.18
Samsung Life Insurance +15.38
Agricultural Bank of China +2.53
Gold +1.04
Hyundai -3.97
Apple +1.47
Samsung +8.02
Facebook +11.01
Amazon +4.17
Brent Crude Oil +2.19


INVSTR MOST TRADED TOP 10 - 6 MONTHS (February-July 2017)
Instrument Performance (%)
Silver -4.17
Samsung Life Insurance +16.97
Agricultural Bank of China +11.28
Gold +4.44
Hyundai +3.94
Apple +15.52
Samsung +23.21
Facebook +27.04
Amazon +18.67
Netflix +29.04

(Source: Investr)

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