KPMG & Stacy Lewis Team to Donate to Hurricane Harvey Relief

Among the thousands of individuals, charities and businesses’ making donations towards hurricane Harvey relief, and in the wake of another pending hurricane in the Caribbean, KPMG has teamed with brand ambassador Stacy Lewis this weekend to make a combined donation of $390,000 to support Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. This follows Lewis’ win at the Cambia Portland Classic where she donated 100% of her tournament winnings.

Stacy Lewis was raised and currently resides in the Houston, TX area and Lewis’ husband, Gerrod Chadwell, is Head Golf Coach for the University of Houston Women’s Golf Team. Stacy dedicated her play on this week’s LPGA Tour tournament to relief efforts, which KPMG matched. Asked what the week has taught her, Stacy reflected: “Being more appreciative. It definitely puts things into perspective.”

This win marks Stacy’s 12th on the LPGA Tour and first victory since 2014. In addition to KPMG’s donation to relief efforts, each time a KPMG Brand Ambassador wins on Tour, KPMG makes a donation of books and refurbishes a local library as part of KPMG’s Family for Literacy (KFFL) initiative. To honor this special win by Stacy, KPMG will double the typical donation with 10,000 new books to be provided to children and local KPMG volunteers will refurbish two libraries in the Houston area.

KPMG US Chairman and CEO Lynne Doughtie said: “In times like this, coming together to support one another matters the most. We are touched by the generosity displayed by Stacy, and so many across the country, to help those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.”

In addition, KPMG has pledged to match partner and employee contributions up to $400,000 to the KPMG Disaster Relief Fund to provide Hurricane Harvey relief.

(Source: KPMG LLP)