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Bitcoin Cash Set to Be the Next Huge Cryptocurrency Boom

Posted: 28th March 2018 by Finance Monthly
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Do you dream of becoming a Bitcoin billionaire? A brand new tool could be just what you need to make the best investment choices. Using detailed historical data across the past 14 months, Cryptocurrencies: Past, Present and Future makes cutting-edge predictions for the future of the top 10 virtual currencies.

Using an exclusive, handcrafted algorithm, this Cryptocurrency predictor feeds historical data on price, trade volume, market cap and online popularity through a variety of analytical tools, including a Recurrent Neural Network, to forecast the exact rise and fall of ten chart-topping cryptocurrencies.

The ten virtual currencies monitored within the piece include:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Cardano
  • NEO
  • Stellar
  • EOS
  • IOTA

If you’re concerned about being overwhelmed by numbers, all of the cryptocurrencies are explained in a handy, bitesize format. What’s more, the numerical information is displayed in easy-to-read data visualisations, allowing you to compare cryptocurrencies side-by-side.

Price: projected change from 11th March 2018 to 6th May 2018


Historic Price ($) Projected Price ($) Projected Change ($) Percentage Change
Bitcoin 8,363.15 9,210.23 847.08 10%
Ethereum 847.08 453.63 -237.79 -46%
Ripple 0.64 0.24 -0.40 -63%
Bitcoin Cash 961.95 2,209.68 1,247.73 130%
Litecoin 151.91 74.27 -77.64 -51%
Cardano 0.25 0.35 0.10 40%
NEO 74.19 181.71 107.52 145%
Stellar 0.23 0.03 -0.20 -87%
EOS 7.79 10.78 2.99 38%
IOTA 1.18 0.44 -0.74 -63%

Despite the value of cryptocurrencies being constantly on the move, the algorithm reveals that Bitcoin Cash will skyrocket by $1,247.73 per unit to $2,209.68 if it continues on its predicted path - so is definitely one to look at if you’re tempted to invest.

Similarly, Chinese-produced NEO looks another strong contender for most valuable currency in the near future, with a projected increase of 145%.

Ethereum, meanwhile, is highly encouraged to be avoided, since it is charted to lose the most value, falling by a staggering $237.79 per unit. It doesn’t have the biggest percentage drop, though. That dubious honour belongs to Stellar, which is predicted to fall a shocking 87% in the next two months.

Market Cap: projected change from 11th March 2018 to 6th May 2018

Cryptocurrency Historic Cap ($) Projected Cap ($) Projected Change ($) Percentage Change
Bitcoin 142,730,988,426.02 154,158,455,678.37 11,427,467,252.35 8%
Ethereum 68,156,366,473.25 41,729,418,032.89 -26,426,948,440.36 -39%
Ripple 25,252,161,207.70 8,869,504,279.97 -16,382,656,927.73 -65%
Bitcoin Cash 16,658,329,786.90 36,799,060,701.21 20,140,730,914.31 121%
Litecoin 8,648,418,622.43 3,938,002,135.37 -4,710,416,487.06 -54%
Cardano 6,808,516,073.92 9,335,364,533.50 2,526,848,459.58 37%
NEO 4,799,427,302.50 12,593,957,400.61 7,794,530,098.11 162%
Stellar 4,480,273,009.02 435,870,950.73 -4,044,402,058.29 -90%
EOS 5,060,747,304.76 6,472,334,213.85 1,411,586,909.09 28%
IOTA 3,456,292,244.16 1,246,505,365.59 -2,209,786,878.57 -64%

With Market Cap (Price multiplied by Circulating Supply), we’d expect the price to somewhat influence the projected value and percentage change. But what is even more interesting is how much changes in price influence the Market Cap.

As you would expect, Bitcoin Cash’s ceiling looks ready to rocket up by more than $20 billion to accommodate an increase in price - as we saw from the previous table. Similarly, NEO’s leap in unit value will be accompanied by the Market Cap expanding by an impressive 162%.

It’s more bad news for both Ethereum founder, Vitalik Buterin and Stellar creator Jed McCaleb though - as Ethereum’s overall cap is projected to plummet by $26 billion to reflect the drop in price, along with Stellar bottoming out with a devastating 90% fall.

Online Popularity: projected change from 11th March 2018 to 6th May 2018

Cryptocurrency Historic Projected Projected Change Percentage Change
Bitcoin 20.76 39.21 18.45 89%
Ethereum 17.85 43.40 25.55 143%
Ripple 8.10 11.65 3.55 44%
Bitcoin Cash 1.33 4.90 3.57 268%
Litecoin 6.16 10.03 3.87 63%
Cardano 7.77 11.61 19.38 49%
NEO 38.97 75.60 36.63 94%
Stellar 1.08 2.26 1.18 109%
EOS 36.75 35.01 -1.74 -5%
IOTA 3.91 1.83 -2.08 -53%

It’s not all market based, however. A detailed exploration of Google Trends data makes it possible to assess the Online Popularity of each cryptocurrency.

This time round, NEO has pipped Bitcoin Cash to the post with the highest search volume both historically and projected in the future, topping even the most well known of cryptocurrencies at a predicted 268% interest and suggesting a rapidly growing interest. On the other hand, IOTA has seen the largest percentage drop off, slated to fall by 53% over the next few months - which might be emblematic of the smaller cryptocurrencies catching the eye but then fizzling out shortly after.

Trade Volume: projected change from 11th March 2018 to 6th May 2018

Cryptocurrency Historic Volume ($) Projected Volume ($) Projected Change ($) Percentage Change
Bitcoin 5,667,195,738.85 7,166,097,605.00 1,498,901,866.15 26%
Ethereum 1,417,140,960.15 1,298,920,128.13 -118,220,832.02 -8%
Ripple 388,918,729.64 273,003,906.02 -115,914,823.62 -30%
Bitcoin Cash 453,314,832.89 1,814,956,172.47 1,361,641,339.58 300%
Litecoin 424,911,348.43 346,255,516.29 -78,655,832.14 -19%
Cardano 248,373,198.32 460,968,025.75 212,594,827.43 86%
NEO 113,482,544.19 752,430,833.70 638,948,289.51 563%
Stellar 37,025,706.05 12,233,157.69 -24,792,548.36 -67%
EOS 415,466,617.96 839,180,781.11 423,714,163.15 102%
IOTA 28,132,548.14 12,149,569.36 -15,982,978.78 -57%

Finally, Trade Volume projections reveal that Bitcoin (not Bitcoin Cash) is on a path to increase its projected value by a whopping $1.4 billion - the highest of all of the cryptocurrencies.

Though it may not have topped the chart this time round, Bitcoin Cash is still keeping up its high hopes across the board with a promising projection of increasing its volume by more than $1.3 billion by May - a 300% increase. Rounding off the success stories is fan favourites NEO, their trade volume set to soar by a remarkable 563% percentage increase - something we’re sure that the NEO team and potential investors will be thrilled by.

On a less happy note, however, Ethereum still appears set to bomb with a forecasted volume drop of $118 million - the biggest fall of any listed competitor.

More bad news is set for Stellar too, with a -67% percentage drop in trade volume predicted on the horizon. This follows a string of percentage decreases for Stellar. Of course we are speculating, but this could be due to the accessibility of this particular cryptocurrency as it cannot be bought via credit card and can only be obtained through a cryptocurrency exchange - quite a risky move if you ask us!

(Source: Cryptocurrenciesprediction)

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