Economic Risk Ratings: Who Is the World Cup Winner?


Ahead of the Russia 2018 World Cup semi-finals kick off tonight, Dun & Bradstreet have revealed that when it comes to economic risk ratings its clear who wins. Below are graphics ahead of the match tonight between France & Belgium, and tomorrow between England & Croatia.

Below you can also see a thorough table of all countries in the World Cup that accounts for FIFA rankings vs. their D&B Country Risk rating vs. the GDP per capita global ranking.



Team 2018 FIFA Ranking D&B Country Risk Rating GDP per capita global ranking Economic overview
Switzerland 6 2.25 2 Forward-looking indicators bounce back after a period of weakness.
Iceland 22 3.25 5 Growth is underpinned by base effects and a stronger demand for fish.
Denmark 12 2.25 8 The immediate risk of a general strike has been averted.
Sweden 24 1.75 10 The economic growth forecast for 2018 edges up.
Australia 36 2.5 11 Relations with main trading partner China continue to sour.
Germany 1 1.5 16 Economic indicators maintain their downward trajectory.
Belgium 3 2.75 18 Modest economic growth continues.
England 12 2.75 22 Forward-looking indicators still suggest disappointing growth this year.
France 7 2.25 23 Dun & Bradstreet downgrades its rating outlook for France as the economy slows.
Japan 61 2.75 24 Corporate and household earnings pull ahead of demand growth.
Korea (South) 108 2.75 26 The inter-Korean summit brings an improved political outlook.
Spain 10 3.75 29 Political uncertainty will remain elevated.
Portugal 4 4 34 As expected, GDP growth decelerates.
Saudi Arabia 67 3.5 35 Strong oil prices will boost the short-term economic outlook.
Uruguay 14 4.25 40 Exports are driving growth, and investment is forecast to pick up in 2018.
Panama 55 3.5 44 The economy will keep growing at a healthy pace.
Argentina 5 5 48 President Macri’s falling popularity jeopardises planned reforms.
Croatia 20 4 49 Negative indicators suggest that the economy is slowing.
Poland 8 3.25 50 The EU gives Poland a deadline to resolve judicial independence issues.
Costa Rica 23 4.5 51 Dun & Bradstreet upgrades Costa Rica’s country risk rating following the election of Carlos Alvarado Quesada as president.
Russian Federation 70 6 52 Payment performance remained broadly stable in 2017.
Brazil 2 4.5 57 The growth forecast is slashed following a crippling strike and the currency sell-off.
Mexico 15 3.75 60 Elections and stalled NAFTA talks cloud near-term prospects.
Peru 11 4 68 An upsurge in public investment spending will help the economy to pick up.
Serbia 34 4.75 72 Data for Q4 indicates that economic growth is accelerating.
Colombia 16 4 74 The centre-right candidate leads in polls ahead of May’s presidential election.
Iran 37 5.75 76 Dun & Bradstreet downgrades Iran’s country risk rating as the US reimposes sanctions.
Tunisia 21 5.75 94 Political tension rises within the governing coalition.
Morocco 41 4 99 The diplomatic breach with Iran will boost ties with both the US and Gulf Arabs.
Egypt 45 6 104 The government faces a challenge to reduce energy subsidies.
Nigeria 48 6.5 106 Commercial bank liquidity improves as both oil export revenues and FX reserves rise.
Senegal 27 4.25 121 A new sovereign bond raises USD2.2bn.