Experts at Bondora have uncovered the private investments of professional footballers across four countries.

Whether sports cars or SUVs, mansions by the lake or penthouse flats: the following research analyses the lifestyle of the highest-paid national football players on the basis of their salary, properties and vehicles, and compares these with the salary, vehicle and property value of the average citizen.

Table: Information on the annual income, property value, car model and car value of the British national team

  Team Salary Car Type Car House
Jordan Pickford Everton F.C. £4,381,103 Mercedes-Benz C220 AMG Sport £50,707 £2,129,703
Kyle Walker Manchester City £6,328,261 Lamborghini Huracan £284,872 £2,535,361
John Stones Manchester City £4,867,893 Mini Cooper £37,118 £3,549,505
Phil Jones Manchester United £2,920,736 Range Rover SVAutobiography £172,405 £5,070,722
Marcus Rashford Manchester United £2,433,946 Mercedes CLA 45 coupe £60,849 £2,028,289
Jesse Lingard Manchester United £4,867,893 Bentley Continental GT £202,829 £3,042,433
Jordan Henderson Liverpool F.C. £5,354,682 Audi RS7 £85,675 £2,028,289
Dele Alli Tottenham Hotspur £3,650,920 Rolls-Royce £373,471 £2,086,010
Ashley Young Manchester United £5,354,682 Bentley Continental GT £170,275 £12,169,732
Harry Kane Tottenham Hotspur £9,735,785 Continental GT Supersports £213,989 £7,873,177
Raheem Sterling Manchester City £8,518,812 Bentley Bentayga £137,924 £3,143,847


Table: Information on the annual income, car value and property value of the average UK citizen and Football player

Country Yearly Salary Average Car Average House
UK citizen £38,000 £18,000 £318,543
Football player £4,435,00 £142,000 £3,795,000


The top earners among the England national team are Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling, earning £9,735,785 from Tottenham Hotspur and £8,518,812 from Manchester City respectively - 95.9% more than the average UK citizen.

Despite Ashley Young having the smallest net worth from the Top 10 list, £6.23 million, his house is the most expensive. With a price tag of over £12 million, it’s forty times the property value of the average UK citizen.

The second most expensive house is owned by Phil Jones, right-defense for Manchester United. His home set him back a hefty £5 million - almost twice his annual salary.

Dele Alli from Tottenham Hotspur owns the most expensive car, a Rolls Royce worth over £370,000. However, the centre-right midfield player has one of the cheaper homes out of the Top 10 list, valued at just over £2 million. It’s 17% of the price of Ashley Young’s property, but almost seven times more expensive than the home of an average UK citizen.

Compared to his net worth of almost £49 million, John Stones from Manchester City has a fairly modest car. The centre defence player owns a Mini Cooper just double the price of a car owned by the average UK citizen.

The lowest paid star from the Top 10 is Marcus Rashford, earning £2,433,946 per annum. His property set him back just over £2 million, 83% of his annual salary. His car, a Mercedes CLA 45 Coupe, may be just 2.5% of his annual salary, but is over nine times the price of a car owned by the average UK citizen.

(Source: Bondora)