Here’s How Much Money Footballers Spend on Cars and Real Estate

The best football players in the world earn millions of pounds every year. Whether the German Bundesliga, English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, French Ligue 1 or Italian Serie A: the European clubs pay annual salaries that the average German employee can only dream of.

Experts at Bondora have uncovered the private investments of professional footballers across four countries.

Whether sports cars or SUVs, mansions by the lake or penthouse flats: the following research analyses the lifestyle of the highest-paid national football players on the basis of their salary, properties and vehicles, and compares these with the salary, vehicle and property value of the average citizen.

Table: Information on the annual income, property value, car model and car value of the British national team

  Team Salary Car Type Car House
Jordan Pickford Everton F.C. £4,381,103 Mercedes-Benz C220 AMG Sport £50,707 £2,129,703
Kyle Walker Manchester City £6,328,261 Lamborghini Huracan £284,872 £2,535,361
John Stones Manchester City £4,867,893 Mini Cooper £37,118 £3,549,505
Phil Jones Manchester United £2,920,736 Range Rover SVAutobiography £172,405 £5,070,722
Marcus Rashford Manchester United £2,433,946 Mercedes CLA 45 coupe £60,849 £2,028,289
Jesse Lingard Manchester United £4,867,893 Bentley Continental GT £202,829 £3,042,433
Jordan Henderson Liverpool F.C. £5,354,682 Audi RS7 £85,675 £2,028,289
Dele Alli Tottenham Hotspur £3,650,920 Rolls-Royce £373,471 £2,086,010
Ashley Young Manchester United £5,354,682 Bentley Continental GT £170,275 £12,169,732
Harry Kane Tottenham Hotspur £9,735,785 Continental GT Supersports £213,989 £7,873,177
Raheem Sterling Manchester City £8,518,812 Bentley Bentayga £137,924 £3,143,847


Table: Information on the annual income, car value and property value of the average UK citizen and Football player

Country Yearly Salary Average Car Average House
UK citizen £38,000 £18,000 £318,543
Football player £4,435,00 £142,000 £3,795,000


The top earners among the England national team are Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling, earning £9,735,785 from Tottenham Hotspur and £8,518,812 from Manchester City respectively – 95.9% more than the average UK citizen.

Despite Ashley Young having the smallest net worth from the Top 10 list, £6.23 million, his house is the most expensive. With a price tag of over £12 million, it’s forty times the property value of the average UK citizen.

The second most expensive house is owned by Phil Jones, right-defense for Manchester United. His home set him back a hefty £5 million – almost twice his annual salary.

Dele Alli from Tottenham Hotspur owns the most expensive car, a Rolls Royce worth over £370,000. However, the centre-right midfield player has one of the cheaper homes out of the Top 10 list, valued at just over £2 million. It’s 17% of the price of Ashley Young’s property, but almost seven times more expensive than the home of an average UK citizen.

Compared to his net worth of almost £49 million, John Stones from Manchester City has a fairly modest car. The centre defence player owns a Mini Cooper just double the price of a car owned by the average UK citizen.

The lowest paid star from the Top 10 is Marcus Rashford, earning £2,433,946 per annum. His property set him back just over £2 million, 83% of his annual salary. His car, a Mercedes CLA 45 Coupe, may be just 2.5% of his annual salary, but is over nine times the price of a car owned by the average UK citizen.

(Source: Bondora)

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