3 Top Tips to Protecting Your Identity in Online Transactions

Online shopping has outpaced “live” shopping in popularity and transaction volume. Convenience reigns supreme as more people turn to the internet and shipping for their everyday necessities.

Digital transactions do not end at simple purchases. Cryptocurrency, online betting, and sending cash via the internet have all become popular recently. With the amount of money changing hands online, it is no surprise that hackers see this as an opportunity for identity theft.

Privacy was once the only concern for web browsers, but financial data security has taken a place on the list of essential things to consider when roaming the internet. Digital shopping and online transactions are not going away, so it behooves everyone to learn ways to protect private information.

Seemingly becoming more challenging by the day, internet security is possible. Hackers regularly find new ways to attack their victims but practicing internet safety and putting safeguards in place will help keep your information out of the hands of a cyber-criminal.

1.       Protect Your Privacy Using a VPN

The first thing any mobile device user should do is download a VPN app. While a VPN can be used on other devices like laptops or tablets, it is important to protect mobile devices, too.

People frequently connect to Wi-Fi in public places to conserve data costs, leaving themselves vulnerable. Hackers roam unsecured networks hoping to find an easy target. A VPN can create a more secure environment by encrypting data to and from your device.

2.       Practice Internet Safety

Social media has created an environment ripe for malicious cyber-attacks. Facebook and Twitter alone often provide hackers with all the information they need to infiltrate the privacy of an individual.

Being safe online is more than avoiding “sketchy” web areas. Avoid putting too much personal information on social media sites and keep your profile restricted to those you know. Decline unknown friend requests and think twice about liking every post you come across.

Hackers prefer easy targets, and many users make themselves very vulnerable by providing so much information online. These details can give hackers tips to decoding your passwords or usernames, which opens you up to a world of digital trouble.

3.       Pay Attention When Purchasing

Online transactions are here to stay, and it would be ridiculous to recommend someone avoid digital purchases. However, when buying online, you should pay attention to where you are shopping.

Small online businesses are popping up everywhere, and while they may offer unique and trendy items, it is important to validate their security. Never enter financial information on a site missing the “HTTPS” at the beginning of its URL. The “s” means secure and any site without it should be considered unworthy of your personal information.

Internet security is possible by practicing a little diligence and understanding that your information is valuable. Hackers prefer the easiest targets and creating a few blockades may prevent you from becoming a victim. Practicing safe internet behaviors can help you enjoy your online shopping experience safely.

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