Those wishing to invest in property this year need to be aware of the emerging markets and demographics in order to make the best decisions.

Here, you will discover the ultimate real estate investment guide to purchasing property in the year ahead.

Which areas should you focus on?

Not all areas of the UK are facing a tough property market. In fact, some areas are positively thriving. If you want to ensure you are making the right investment, there are certain locations throughout the UK that you should be focusing on.

Birmingham is a key area currently experiencing adequate growth. It is experiencing significant infrastructural developments and has seen a drastic increase in the level of inward investments. It is thought the city is going to witness a 14% growth over the next three years, making 2019 a great time to invest.

Newport in South Wales is another area to consider. Out of all of the UK council areas, the town has been recognised as the 9th largest in terms of increase in house prices. According to local estate agents, there are waiting lists of buyers looking to invest in the area. This means, if you want to invest in Newport, you are going to need to be patient.

Other key areas experiencing a strong property market include Trowbridge in Wiltshire, Northampton, Leeds, Leicester and Coventry.

Which sectors are performing well?

In terms of which sectors to invest in, there are a couple of market trends to pay attention to this year.

Due to economic uncertainty, the rental market is expected to rise significantly over the next year. However, changes in legislation have led to many buy to let landlords pulling out of the market. Further changes set to be introduced in the form of the Tenant Fees Bill on June 1st, 2019, could potentially push more landlords to leave the market. This means, there will be a higher demand for private rental opportunities. Investors who have the funds could therefore significantly profit from buy to let opportunities.

Auctions are also going to play a large role in the property market. Investing in property from an auction house enables investors to potentially snag a bargain. More sellers are likely to turn to auction houses, particularly if they require the funds quickly.

Overall, the property market has proven how resilient it can be in recent years. There may still be a lot of economic uncertainty, but as you can see above, some areas and sectors still remain lucrative to investors.