What to Expect in Fintech 5 Years From Now?

Technology has come a very long way over the past few decades, making it easier for people to access different kinds of services and a variety of options. One of the sectors most influenced by progress is finance and banking.

Financial technology is rapidly progressing, so fast that people are forgetting the world economic crisis that happened 10 years ago. With the evolution of financial technology, new services and better options are being created for consumers all over the world. Digital technology has created a much better user experience for users all over the world, and sky’s the limit indeed. This is what you can expect from financial technology five years from now.

More digital engagement

It wasn’t too long ago that, for every financial service you needed, a trip to the bank was a given to get that service. With the advent of technology and the age of digitization, those days are no more. You can literally pay every single bill of yours and transfer money to people across the world with a mobile application at your disposal at any time and any place, and the evolution of these services is rapid and continuous. The digitization of financial affairs means a much better user experience, which reflects positively on revenues and sales numbers. People love slacking around and still getting things done, and in the future, there’s no telling how much more comfortable technology will make banking for users.

More services

As more technologies emerge and newer doors open, more services are being created to cater to people’s every financial need using financial technologies. For instance, you can now get an advance on that inheritance of yours that’s been taking ages to get processed in the courts. In this article you can learn about their conditions and how it works if you want to get an advance on your inheritance with minimal effort and quite an easy digitized process. This financial service, and many others, helps plenty of people who might be in a tight spot and in urgent need of cash, but are unable to access any due to the lengthy process.

Newer technologies

The quest to find newer technologies to facilitate and make things better for users is non-stop. For instance, banks now in some countries are operating hybrid clouds and cloud computing to address issues of security, compliance, and data protection. Hybrid clouds also offer reduced costs and a much better operational efficiency, making them truly the future of banking services. You even have artificial intelligence (AI) been implemented in some places, hopefully to an extent that in the future it can help in back office operations, customer service, and much more!

Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

An optimist will find the current advancements being made in financial technology truly remarkable, for they have the potential to create a better and more comfortable user experience for mankind and actually help people in need of such advancements. On the other hand, there are some who might worry about the digitization of something as critical as financial services, and dread the reliance on machines to manage our finances. While both opinions have their pros and cons, one can’t deny the fact that technology is moving at an exceptionally rapid rate, and it’s quite exciting to view what’s next in store.

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