Cryptocurrencies followers forecast Bitcoin to replace fiat currency and become the only method of value exchange. With bitcoin induced demonetization, Bitcoin should change people’s relationship with money. The fact that people will be the owner of their money and its value is seen as one of the distinctions that will make most people avoid fiat currencies.

Bitcoin prices have become a bellwether for the market. While still difficult to nail down an exact characterization of cryptocurrency and how it fits within the modern financial pattern — whether a currency, digital asset or a commodity — by evaluating the price action in the context of its more established analogs, it becomes apparent that Bitcoin and its peers have reached significant milestones.

Apps Affiliated with Bitcoin Trading Performance

The acuteness of the cryptocurrency market has made it obligatory for traders to make quicker decisions and perform transactions faster. These demands led to the development of the Bitcoin apps to offer traders an automated trading platform and more leverage in the market.

The Bitcoin apps enhanced a unique algorithm that can interpret and process the market signals faster such as the bitcoin revolution. If the bitcoin revolution is over then the users are forced to invest from the beginning, without trying the platform first.

Cryptocurrency Crash

The price of Bitcoin has fallen from $13,200 to $9,684, with major cryptocurrency exchanges, including Coinbase, recording a 26.6% drop within a period of seven days. The recent fall of Bitcoin is widely believed to be a technical factor that was pushed by sellers who took control of the market once the dominant crypto asset went below key support levels at $11,500 and $10,500.


Bitcoin Price Faces Third Monthly Loss of 2019

  • Bitcoin is on track to test $9,000, having dived out of a narrowing price range earlier this week. The cryptocurrency is likely to end August on a negative note, having suffered losses in July and January.
  • BTC may suffer a deeper price drop over the next few months, possibly to the 200-day moving average near $7,400, if prices print a UTC close below $9,049 on Saturday, confirming a bearish reversal on the monthly chart.
  • A minor price bounce, possibly to the Aug. 22 low of $9,755, could be seen before a drop to $9,000, as an hourly chart indicator is reporting bullish conditions.
  • The short-term bearish case would be invalidated if prices find acceptance above $ 10,280, although that looks unlikely. A weekly close above $12,000 for bullish revival, as discussed earlier this month.

Why Did Bitcoin Drop 20% in October? 

The recent rise was not a rise at all but in fact a fall. in other words, the value of Tether (controversial cryptocurrency with tokens) dropped so in order for altcoins to keep their value up they needed to rise against Tether, when bitcoin rises (assuming Tether is worth $1) altcoins seemingly rise up but not because they keep their value, in fact, they fall in value against USD and BTC but because this fall is not equal to bitcoin price rise, the final result is a rise.

For example, if bitcoin is $1000 and some altcoin is worth 0.1BTC and then bitcoin goes up to $2000 that altcoin if it remains 0.1BTC, will rise to $200 which is impossible for that coin to happen because there is nobody buying it.

What happens is that the rise of bitcoin from $1000 to $1000+ will start creating arbitrage opportunity in ALT/BTC and ALT/USD and as traders arbitrage this the final value of that coin will go somewhere between $100 and $200 and closer to lower bound. So the final result will be an altcoin worth around 0.06BTC which is a big fall but thanks to arbitrage traders the value of it rose a little to $120 in a fake manner.