Financial Sector Urged to Act Now to Legally Share Personal Data After Brexit

Digital Secretary Nicky Morgan is urging businesses to get ready for Brexit and act now to continue receiving personal data legally from the EU or European Economic Area (EEA).

Sharing personal data with organisations in the EU is essential to thousands of SMEs, and we know that the financial services sector is one of those that is most reliant.

When the UK leaves the EU, it will become what is known as a ‘third country’ under the EU’s data protection laws.

This means that UK and EU/EEA organisations will need to take necessary action to ensure that personal data transfers from organisations in Europe to the UK are lawful.

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The benefits of taking action now means UK organisations won’t be at risk of losing access to the personal data they need to operate such as names, addresses or payroll details.

Financial service businesses should review their contracts relating to these personal data flows. Where absent, they need to update their contracts with additional clauses so that they can continue to receive personal data legally from the EU/EEA after Brexit.

For most financial service businesses, this will not be expensive and will not always require specialist advice.

Digital Secretary Nicky Morgan said: “If you receive personal data from the EU, you may need to update your contracts with European suppliers or partners to continue receiving this data legally after Brexit.

“So, I am urging all businesses and organisations to check and ensure they are ready for Brexit.

“There are simple safeguards you can put in place by following the guidance available. UK and EU businesses should get on the front foot and act now to avoid any unnecessary disruption.”

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