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6 Unconventional Ways to Achieve Financial Freedom

Financial freedom has recently become a remarkable concept due to increasing living costs and little savings.

Posted: 25th November 2019 by Finance Monthly
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The salaries today barely cover the monthly expenditure. Medical and education costs have skyrocketed, which can take a toll on your entire savings. It is also possible that you might require a loan to cover expenses. It sounds intense, doesn’t it? We all are going through similar circumstances and thus it is important to get complete financial freedom.

Apart from the typical ways of earning money, you should consider a few unconventional ways that can get you financial freedom, some of which could also cover your retirement years.

1. Find the Best Deals on Any Purchase

Money saved is money earned. Finding coupons and deals on every purchase of products or services, especially big ones, can save you a tremendous amount of money in total. There are a number of online platforms and sites that also provide you cash back on every purchase. Not only are the products trusted, but you also get a wide variety to choose from through a single portal. The money you put to purchase cuts a certain percentage of commission, half of which reaches back to you.

2. Invest in Assets

Investing in a property or a piece of land in your younger days would surely require a huge amount of money, either through your savings or by taking a loan. But it would bring you a massive return after a couple of years. Property rates are revised every seven to ten years and thus the resale price would almost be multiplied by two to three times. The resale price would completely secure your retirement, also compensating for your principal amount. If you are worried about paying the mortgage in your initial years of debt, you can rent your property and use the money to pay your loan installments. This might also bring you extra income every month in some cases.

3. Babysit or Walk a Dog

If you are fond of babies, what is better than getting paid to spend some time with them? If you are experienced with looking after babies, you can take up a babysitting job. It is always in demand because parents are generally working and away from home. Add the earnings in your monthly expenses and you are almost covered. Walking a dog is another blissful job which you would look forward to every day. It is highly likely for you to get a dog walking job if you approach elderly people who own one.

4. Filling Online Surveys

This job might be the most easy going and undemanding at all. Although it does not pay the equivalent of a month’s salary, you are still getting some extra bucks while lying in bed during your leisure time. Filling online surveys for money is highly popular among students, as it takes little effort and makes their spare time more productive. Also, the fact that it just takes a few minutes to fill in one form, you can aim at filling in at least three or four per day and that should help you earn a few bucks. Earning money while passing time, sounds terrific, right?

5. Crawl into Blogging

Even though setting up a blog can be a dreary task, it will promise you revenue generation once it has reached your target audience. Becoming successful in blogging requires patience, as there are thousands of sites within the same discipline. If you want quicker fame, your blog needs to stand out and should carry its own language. Being different is the mantra. Whether you are an artist or a writer, your content should connect and relate to your audience. Once it is a hit, you are bound to generate passive income for a lifetime.

6. Take up Freelancing or Part-Time Jobs

Freelancing jobs will not only provide you with the financial freedom to some extent, but also give you the convenience and flexibility of working according to your schedule and from any part of the world. A lot of online platforms are looking for freelance writers, designers, and developers on a regular basis. Part-time jobs such as food delivery or working in nearby coffee shops for a few hours a day can help you collect a good sum of money which you can directly add to your savings.

From meager to highly critical approaches, every way is useful to generate extra income that can support you in the present and ensure your future. Start experimenting and get going; the time is right. Solidifying extra sources of revenue will provide you with the financial freedom that will make your life more enjoyable.

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