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The Hidden Costs of Global Business Growth

While it seems that even the smallest business model can now expand into a global brand, there remain many potential roadblocks to international success.

Posted: 10th December 2019 by Finance Monthly
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As well as the issues of cultural and language differences, there are also challenges of positioning yourself successfully among competitors and marketing your brand so that it stands out. However, the main issue that you will have to address is that of your budget. It might be easier than ever to expand your business reach, but that doesn't mean that it comes without costs. Knowing the cost of international expansion makes it easier to get right, and keeps your business safer. If you're considering international expansion, remember to factor in the following expenses.

The Budget Big Three

There are going to be many costs to take into account, but the big three should be your priority. Make sure that you understand:

Take the time to understand how the big three work in your new geographies and your financial planning will be more realistic and much healthier. Never assume that everything is the same from country to country. In some nations, costs will even vary by municipality, so you’re going to need to dedicate some time to some serious and in-depth financial planning.


Physical Requirements

While it is possible to start selling your product around the world from your existing office, many countries will require you to have a physical outlet in their country. Knowing the local laws and getting your premises organised before you even start to sell is essential. Renting a property can be a big cost so you need to know if it’s needed. You will also need to decide whether you’re going to hire local workers to run your international branch. That will mean knowing the laws regarding wages and working hours. Look for help from those that can assist you. Companies like INS Global can make sure that you have got your budgeting right when it comes to paying the right minimum wage in China, which can be made very complex very quickly due to different municipalities having different minimum wages. Always find people, services, and resources on the ground and you’ll make it easier to leverage your position in a new market.

Your Exit Plan

One of the main cost considerations that many first-time entrepreneurs overlook is the cost of closure. Not every new business expansion is going to be a success, and it’s not good practise to simply pack up and head elsewhere. A budgeted exit plan is essential, even if it’s something that you end up never needing. You might find in some countries that closing a business is a lot more expensive than opening one, so your research is going to be essential. The last thing that you want is to lose more money than expected through the exit process. That can affect your already established brand security at home, and that’s an unnecessary risk that can be avoided with some simple foresight.

From e-commerce companies that are working from a home office to mega-corporations extending their reach further than ever, accessing the global audience has never been easier. However, as with any business growth, there are inherent risks. Budget is going to be a major factor in terms of your success, so make sure that your research is robust and that you have the finances needed to cover every aspect of your predicted expenses. Get your bottom line right and your international growth will be safer, more natural, and more profitable.

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