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Tips to Obtain the Lowest Personal Loan Rates: A Business Owner’s Perspective

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it is especially important to keep your business well-financed with agreeable loans.

Posted: 3rd November 2020 by Finance Monthly
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When the recent pandemic happened, one area that was notoriously affected was businesses. Restaurants closed down. Airlines ceased from operating. Malls, fashion boutiques, function halls, and beauty salons stopped functioning. Perhaps the only business establishments that stood the awful pandemic predicament were grocery and drug stores.

Fortunately, with the recent development and precautionary measures conducted, the businesses have slowly resumed their operations. But sadly, others have lost so much money that they will need to start from scratch and obtain corporate financing.

Hence, elaborated below are the tips to get a personal loan with the lowest interest rates to help business owners start all over again and regain what was once lost.

Personal Loan Defined

The loan that the business owners will obtain can be a personal loan. It is defined as a type of unsecured loan that will help these entrepreneurs with their financial needs, such as recovering from a terrible loss or survival.

So if you are a business owner, with this type of loan, you will usually not need any collateral or pledge within which to secure your loan. And your lender may provide you the flexibility to utilise the funds or resources according to your needs. However, although you are not obliged to post any security for your loan, you will still need to pay the agreed interest rates, as mentioned in the loan contract.

What is an Interest Rate?

Of course, it is suicide for lenders to lend a loan without imposing any interest rate at all. Interest rates are indispensable in the lending business. Why? Because it is the amount due to the lender. They could not use their money since it was given to someone else like the borrower. Meaning, they could not enjoy and use their cash because they lent and gave it to someone else.

Imposing an interest rate is the remedy to that situation. Thus, an interest rate is an amount proportionate to that borrowed in which the lender charges the debtor and is mostly expressed as an annual percentage.


How To Find the Lowest Personal Loan Rates

Follow any of these methods, and your business will surely recover and flourish:

1. Maintain a Spotless Credit History

As a business owner, you need to find the lowest interest rate personal loan. Your lenders will assess your credit history before lending you a loan. Thus, you must have maintained as spotless a credit history as possible so they will not hesitate to provide you the funding that you need. But if you have a low credit score, you must improve it to be lent money in no time.

2. Make Inquiries

You must make inquiries and shop around when it comes to looking for the most favourable lender for you. Choosing a lender requires a lot of research and planning to find the lowest interest rate. Ask around. Compare the terms and conditions. And study the rates and repayment schedule fees.

3. Find a Co-signer

You must find a co-signer with an excellent credit history and reliable income when you apply for a personal loan for your business to increase your chances of getting approved at a lower interest rate. The reason is that your co-signer will guarantee the payment of your loan if you miss it. With that, your lenders will not hesitate to approve your loan application because they can run after your co-signer if you do not pay.

Importance of Lower Interest Rates

Indeed, you need lower interest rates for your business needs. Why? The reason is crystal clear. With lower or even flat interest rates, you can quickly obtain corporate funding and other products cheaper than they usually are. It also means that most of your money is applied to the principal instead of the interests when making monthly payments, making it easier for you to pay the whole unpaid obligation.

With lower or even flat interest rates, you can quickly obtain corporate funding and other products cheaper than they usually are.

Corporate Finance Explained

It is common knowledge that businesses need money to earn money, increase their revenues, or recover from a mishap like the pandemic. But because all their business income had been utilised to survive, they would have to seek financing. And that is what corporate finance or funding is all about.

So, what is corporate finance? Corporate finance is akin to corporate funding, which is a means to provide money and resources for businesses. This means that a lending corporation, bank, or partnership involved in lending will provide capital, otherwise known as money, to the business owners for the latter’s survival, business expansion, improvements, or income-generating activities.

In short, corporate financing entities lend money to these business owners or grant loans but with interests for their benefit.


With all these tips and knowledge, you will not find it difficult to bounce back and resume your business. You need only to be determined and strong-willed to thrive again and for your business to thrive even in these difficult times.

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