The Best Tools for Investment Professionals

The modernisation of trading has seen the creation of many digital tools that can give prospective investors an edge.

2020’s COVID-19 pandemic has been incredibly problematic for financial markets. As investment professionals, we are always looking to find the best investment opportunities for our clients. Now more than ever, investment professionals need to find ways to set themselves apart from the competition and build trust amongst their clientele.

Experience in the financial sector is what gives us confidence in our abilities to play the market. However, in this volatile age, even the best investor could do with a few tools to give them unique insights and help them do their job more efficiently. If you are looking for an advantage over other professionals in the field, here are some of the best tools that can help you on your way:

Stock Screeners

Stock screeners make life easier for investors by scanning the whole stock market to provide information on average trading volume, stock prices, chart patterns, and much more. These tools allow the user to set a predefined set of criteria. For instance, an investor could set the screener to search for stocks trading under USD2 that have an average volume of at least 3 million shares. The screener will output all the stocks that fit these particular specifications. Free stock screeners can help to get you started in exploring the market.

Stock Simulators

These are also known as paper trading accounts or dummy accounts. They allow potential investors to practice fundamental analyses of the market and test out their traditional strategies without actually risking any money. In these tumultuous economic times, it’s a good idea to test the waters using a stock simulator, especially when dealing with unfamiliar stocks.

Charting Software

If you are looking to gauge information on the performance of a particular stock, fund, or index over a period of time then you need to get to grips with some charting software. These charts are made up of using lines or candlesticks. Day traders tend to use candlestick charting software to ascertain the right time to buy and sell stocks.


Keep on top of the latest financial news by tapping into the top trading newsletters. These are expertly crafted emails that are intended to tell traders about any unusual market movements, new developments, or innovations in the field. They also offer some interesting insights through articles written by experts. Depending on the particular newsletter you’ve subscribed to, you may receive as often as each morning or as sparsely as once every quarter.

As frequent traders, it is important for investment professionals to have the latest information available to them. The stock market is an incredibly fast-paced place, so having the right insight into prices, movement, and charting patterns. The type of tools discussed here offer us useful, real-time insights into the market, which can be invaluable and user-friendly. What’s more, you can tailor the tools you use as each trader will be different in terms of the strategies they hope to implement.

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