How to Approach Bitcoin Trading Training

Getting started in cryptocurrency trading might feel intimidating, but there are plenty of apps and programmes to help you train before using your own money.

It’s no wonder why so many are looking to trade Bitcoin. The virtual currency is revolutionising financial markets all over the world and brings many benefits to users. That’s why the number of Bitcoin traders is on the rise.

But you can’t just start trading right away. In other words, you’ll need some practice, because trading is far from easy. You’ll need to keep track of various assets, see how the value fluctuates, know which currencies to sell and buy, analyse the market, and so on. In short, you’ll need to learn how to deal with various situations.

You can learn this thanks to the gaming industry. This industry has stayed popular for years by adapting to technological trends. That’s how hardware got stronger and the games got better. This is the reason why Bitcoin has found a place in the industry. But what does this have to do with learning Bitcoin trading?

How the Apps Came to Be

Game developers have produced a couple of games inspired by Bitcoin. Some of them are Bitcoin trading simulators which means they’ll come in handy when it comes to learning to trade. All you need to do is install them on a mobile device of your choice and start learning. Here are some of those apps:

Bitcoin Hero

This app lets you experience a virtual market with real-time prices. This means that you’ll be able to make mistakes as much as you want to while you’re learning to trade Bitcoin. You won’t feel the consequences and you’ll pick up some good skills along the way. If this seems like too much work for you, then you can always go for the alternative. Trading platforms will help you with that.

Trading platforms like Oil Profit exist to do the same thing as any other trader. They can go through the information and make decisions based on their settings. Making an account is a must when it comes to using the services of the platform. You’ll need to make a small deposit as well. There will be some tutorials and a demo lesson that you’ll need to go over to make sure you understand the settings of the platform. Afterward, you can set it and go for a live session. Then you can set the settings however you want to and see the different outcomes.

Altcoin Fantasy

Game developers take other cryptocurrencies into account as well. This means that there are some trading simulator apps that don’t just cover Bitcoin, but other virtual currencies as well. Altcoin Fantasy is such an app. You can use it to learn how to trade Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency you fancy. You’ll get the virtual market, virtual currency, and real-time competition in the shape of other players. In short, you’ll get proper trading training.

But this isn’t the only thing the app has to offer. In Altcoin Fantasy there are competitions to see who the most skilled trader is. You can take part in them or organise them, and if you manage to turn out on top then you’ll be rewarded with a specific amount of Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.


The value of this virtual currency is something to keep in mind as a trader. Also, make sure to do ample research when it comes to picking an exchange and choosing a wallet. An exchange with a history of hacker attacks will spell doom for your Bitcoin assets, so stay away from such exchanges. The wallet you choose needs to have good security measures, a user-friendly interface, and to suit your needs. By getting all these concepts and some practice you’ll be a pretty good Bitcoin trader.

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