How to Introduce Disabled Employees Into Your Workplace

Making your workplace accessible and welcoming for disabled people will greatly expand your job applicant pool and improve office culture.

Business is an ever-changing landscape. In 2020, businesses had to rethink their working practices and adapt to remote working methods. As we move into the post-pandemic era, many business owners are rethinking their business goals, strategies and employees. Inclusion and diversity should be at the heart of every business’s values and recruitment processes.

In more recent times, we have seen the value in employing those living with a disability – for example, being able to use British Sign Language. In the UK, over 7.7 million people are living with a disability or health condition. Consider curating a workplace that reflects your diverse customer base and local community if you are currently hiring.

Here is how you can make your workplace more friendly for employing those with disabilities.

Train your employees

Communication is the key to fostering a positive and equal workplace. Consider educating your current employees about disability and how it can impact an individual’s experience in the workplace. When hiring individuals with disabilities, it’s important to encourage open communication within the office.

Make your office a safe place for employees to share their concerns and difficulties at work. It may be a case of switching up job roles or educating your team about disability. You could also invest in equipment, like wheelchair accessible vehicles, to make your office as inclusive as possible.

Get your name out there

Consider partnering with a charity or brand who work with, or sponsor, disabled individuals. These businesses can help open more opportunities for you to hire those with a disability. These organisations can also help you advertise your job advert in the right places and advise you on how to encourage equal opportunities within your business. Research how you can make your company a fair and ethical one.

Promote being an equal opportunities business

People want to know what kind of company they are applying to work for. If you have taken steps to be an equal rights company, make sure you showcase that to prospective employees. You need to offer inclusive recruitment practices that work for you, your employees and the company.

Advertise your job advert in the right places

Post your job advert on disability-friendly sites and social media groups that may help you find potential candidates. Make sure the text is large enough to read, and do not exclude anyone in the job ad. For example, avoid making a statement like ‘must have a driving license’ unless it’s essential for the role.

If you find an applicant you want to interview, make sure to ask if they need any adjustments made to the interview process. You should evaluate whether your office premises are fully accessible and what changes you can make to make your space fully inclusive. For example, changing the room layout or lighting to fit the applicant’s requirements.

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