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What Is An Unconventional Personal Loan?

In the money lending world, you will have to face many situations in which you will be declined for the request of a loan due to several reasons. These reasons may vary from bad credit scores to low income or poor financial history. There are good chances that you will get the money at a high-interest rate as well which may make paying back quite difficult. If you are still in need to borrow money then an “unconventional personal loan” could be your saviour.

Posted: 22nd July 2021 by Finance Monthly
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What Exactly Is An Unconventional Personal Loan?

Unconventional personal loans like the old school personal loan allow you to borrow a certain amount of money at a fixed interest rate. You will have to pay back the amount along with the interest within a decided time period. The money that you have borrowed from the lender can then be used for any personal reason including purchases, medical use, car purchasing, home repairing, etc.

But what is the difference between a traditional personal loan and an unconventional personal loan? There are two key factors you should take into consideration. Firstly, the lenders for this unconventional loan are not the usual lenders, they are usually marketplace lenders, private lenders or lenders backed by the government. Secondly, different factors are taken into consideration for qualifying for this loan. These different factors make those people eligible for the loan who otherwise would not qualify for the traditional loans.

What Are The Types Of Unconventional Loans?

Unconventional loans have been specifically designed to cater to people who have low or moderate-income, and people who are unable to pay big down payments for a house. They are usually backed by the government and require no or very low down payment with low-interest value. Here are the different types of unconventional loans you can get:


This type of loan allows you to buy a house with a very low down payment. The interest rate offered is low compared to the conventional value but some other amounts have to be paid. This program asks you to pay an insurance premium as an upfront value and a monthly fee as well apart from the monthly instalment of the loan. The credit score limit for its eligibility is lower as compared to conventional loans.

HUD Section 148

This program has been specifically designed for Native Americans with no minimum limit of credit scores. They are asked to pay an upfront value along with a monthly insurance fee. The interest rate is very low making it an easier option for a loan.

VA Home Loan

For you to be eligible to get this loan you need to be in service. This loan has been designed for military personnel and members of the National Guard to build up a home for their family. This loan allows you to purchase a home without any down payment. The only money that you have to give is the VA funding fee. Usually, there is no minimum credit score limit to get the loan.


This loan has been designed for people who are on a moderate or low income and are looking forward to purchasing a home in a USDA designated rural area. With this loan, you do not have to pay any down payment and get complete financing at a reasonable interest. You have to pay a guarantee fee which includes an upfront value and monthly insurance fees.

Why And When Is An Unconventional Personal Loan Beneficial?

An unconventional personal loan is the only way to get the best personal loan if you are not eligible to get a traditional bank loan. You can undergo situations in which you need money but you cannot qualify for conventional loans, in such situations unconventional is the best way to get a loan to suffice your needs.
Most of the unconventional loans come with no collateral. This means you do not have to have any personal belongings at risk to get the money. These unconventional loans come with no or very low down payment making it a very easy choice for the majority of low or moderate-income people. Having an unconventional loan can also improve your credit score as these unconventional lenders report about the loan activity to the credit bureaus which help to build up your loan history and improve your credit score.

Cons Of Unconventional Personal Loans

The biggest drawback associated with unconventional loans is that you cannot receive a huge cash sum. With this loan, you will be able to meet only limited expenses. If you are looking forward to getting a big house or making a big purchase, then this loan is not for you. Most of the unconventional lenders are online which means you cannot establish any relationship with the lender which sometimes is necessary to discuss your issues and requirements. Moreover, in most cases, you are not guaranteed the lowest APR.

In A Nutshell

An unconventional personal loan is a great opportunity for those who are looking forward to borrowing money but cannot meet the criterion of the conventional lenders. There are many pros associated with it and will be very beneficial for you. However, all is not good for an unconventional loan and you might have to look into it to get the best loan out of it.

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