9 Great Platforms For Students Regardless Of Major

The digital revolution has touched many aspects of people's lives, particularly education. Transformations that inspire learning have occurred at all levels of erudition.

The digital revolution has touched many aspects of people’s lives, particularly education. Transformations that inspire learning have occurred at all levels of erudition. Gone are the days when students solely relied on classes for their education. With the current surge of smartphone and computer use, the majority of them now have access to a plethora of learning tools online. Learning has become easier. This article will reveal several great platforms for students. These websites and apps significantly help students with academic or career information. 

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Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a web-based application that promotes learning for everyone across the globe. On the site, there is a dashboard that enables individuals to study at a steady pace. Students have access to instructional videos and practice exercises. Khan Academy covers a wide range of subjects, including but not limited to

  • economics;
  • mathematics;
  • history;
  • art;
  • computing.

Students can also be prepared for exams, such as the SAT and LSAT, to mention a few. Khan Academy allows educators to take a glimpse into their student’s performance. There is a teacher dashboard that reveals the overall performance of individuals and a class.

Essay Writer Service

Every student has been through the pressure of keeping up with assignment deadlines. This happens when there is a lot of school work to be covered or when the tasks are too difficult to finish in time. The essay writer service helps students across all majors with their homework. 

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Edgenuity Pathblazer

This platform is intended for students who have challenges in specific areas. It leverages two “learning intervention” programmes to first identify their weaknesses before providing specialised help. The two programmes, which are MyPath and Pathblazer, can be found online.

After finding the weaknesses of a student, Edgenuity Pathblazer reveals a specialised way of dealing with the problems at hand. After that, the student will catch up and start to perform better in their weak areas. The data produced by Edgenuity Pathblazer is also helpful to educators.

MyOn Reader

This platform is designed for those who want to improve their literacy in a language. Students who go to study at international schools in foreign countries may find this useful. They can accelerate their process of learning a foreign language. Language barriers should be dealt with as they can affect a person’s education and social life.

Students on MyOn Reader can have full-time access to books, fiction and nonfiction, as well as news articles. In addition to accessing readable content, one may use its multimedia tools to enhance the learning process.


TED is a platform where all curious minds may spend their time. It has an endless library of transformative videos. One can learn interesting information from various topics, such as food, culture, science, philosophy, politics, history, and religion among others. 

The information presented at TED can be applied by students in their studies. The speakers are experts in their professional fields. The website is a commendable way of killing time.

LinkedIn Learning

The platform includes much information regarding career paths and business opportunities. Over 5,000 courses can be found on LinkedIn Learning. These courses cover a wide variety of fields. A student can also upload their information to begin to form a network of individuals related to their area of interest.

Open Culture

This platform offers educational materials from universities around the world. A student can benefit from over a thousand podcasts, videos, and lectures that relate to their field of study. Information is perfectly organised into easy-to-read categories. Thus, one can find data on any subject provided by a specific university without leaving the site.


Coursera is another platform that can be used by students for learning. It has a searchable database where one can easily browse for information. The content is collected from a variety of universities and organisations across the globe.

Since Coursera provides in-depth information from a wide range of courses, individuals can use it for their school projects. While the free online courses may be limited, a student would benefit a lot from subscriptions on the platform.


Students who would like to spend their time productively can benefit a lot from Lifehack. It offers courses that improve a person’s skills in life. A person using Lifehack can learn the following:

  • how to focus and avoid procrastination;
  • how to boost motivation;
  • how to become more efficient.

More courses are available on the site. They apply to all life aspects. This sort of information is the best foundation for success in future careers.

Wrapping Up

Regardless of your major, you can gain insights into the areas that interest you most or improve your knowledge in the sphere that is difficult but necessary for you. The availability and versatility of the discussed platforms make learning enjoyable. Just choose the one that suits you best at the moment and invest in your future right now.

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