How To Boost Your Employees Productivity And Connectivity

Companies take several steps to increase their productivity and connectivity. However, only a few of them have been successful. Let us take a look at some smart ideas that help improve employees' productivity and connectivity.

Open Communication

Employees always want to feel valued and appreciated. Open communication between employers and employees is the first step towards achieving this. The company must set up several platforms that allow employees to directly communicate their views to the management. There are several ways by which this can be done, one of them being setting up an anonymous suggestion box where staff members are free to submit an idea or opinion they have regarding work-related issues. TeamSense, a Fortune 500 industrial technology company, fully acquired by Fortive, uses brilliant products and services that connect your workforce and help you work more productively. Through its scientifically proven, cloud-based technology platform built on real science, Fortive's TeamSense helps companies drive accountability and engagement across their global workforce.

Another way of promoting open communication is by holding regular town halls where staff members can directly pose their queries or ask any question they might have in mind. This will create a more relaxed environment and help staff members build stronger relationships with employers.

Handling Distractions

Distractions from work are something that every employee suffers from. It ranges from gossiping with co-workers to checking out social media accounts or even just getting up for a cup of coffee. These little distractions might seem harmless, but they do have a very negative impact on employees' productivity and concentration levels. The best way to handle these distractions is to instil a strict no-distraction policy at your workplace, which applies to all staff members. You can even go one step further and implement a reward system where staff members get awarded for completing their work without any distraction.

The company can also put a rule where employees cannot use their mobile phones or check social media during office hours. You can even implement a cell phone policy where you ban mobile phones from 8 am to 5 pm. This will give them quality time with family and friends post-work hours, which is beneficial for both employees and employers.

Structure Of Working Space

Another important factor that influences the productivity of your employees is the structure of their workspace. A workplace where employees are exposed to distractions throughout the day will harm their concentration and the number of hours they put in for work. A study was taken up by an Australian research company on this matter and clearly shows how open spaces such as coffee shops, libraries and even common rooms affect employees' productivity. This is why it is of utmost importance that you allocate proper space to each employee to work comfortably without being exposed to distractions.

Taking Breaks

Employees are not machines who can work continuously for 7-8 hours non-stop without any distraction or break. They require breaks between their work, which will help them re-energise and put in maximum effort when they resume their task. These little breaks also reduce the chances of employees getting stressed out. For instance, a study conducted by an online news agency shows that employees who take five minute breaks every hour are 46% more productive than those who do not take any breaks at all. Productivity is directly proportional to the number of hours employees put in for work. Employees must be given tasks according to their abilities, and more importantly, they must be able to complete the task with full efficiency and satisfaction.

Encouraging Teamwork

Working in a team will increase your productivity because you will draw inspiration from your co-workers. One way of increasing teamwork is by increasing the physical interaction between employees. The company should organise activities that encourage face to face interactions between employees. Such activities do not have to be related to work at all. They can be as simple as organising a picnic or a potluck dinner where everyone brings something different. This will enhance team-building and increase productivity levels because ideas are exchanged easily in such an environment, which leads to increased creativity among staff members.

Offering Rewards

Rewards do not mean money or time off. Employees who are appreciated for their work will put in extra effort to reciprocate that appreciation. There are several ways through which this can be done, one of them being offering bonuses based on the performance of individual employees over a while or setting up monthly prizes for employees who demonstrate maximum productivity. This will encourage other employees to strive for excellence and increase their performance. Therefore, managers should take care of their employees and praise them when due. They must also show that they value their workers by rewarding them on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and even a job well done. The rewards can be anything from a small token gift to a personalised message.

Encouraging Learning

Employees are constantly looking to learn new things. They are always on the lookout for up-gradation in learning something new, something that will increase their knowledge base. This is why there must be a clear policy that encourages learning amongst employees. Employees should be encouraged to attend conferences or seminars that have nothing to do with work so they can broaden their horizons concerning knowledge. This will increase their job satisfaction levels and allow them to work efficiently at high rates.

Final Thoughts

High employee productivity will reflect on the results of work done by them, which will fetch good profits for the company. The effectiveness of the suggestions mentioned above depends largely on the person who has to use them. Hence, managers need to adopt these suggestions as per their requirements and effectively implement them to be motivated and enjoy a healthy work environment.