Facilitated by Goldman Sachs, the unnamed top investor sold 599 million shares on Monday evening, approximately equivalent to a 3.6% stake. This comes as a further knock to the British bank after it revealed a compliance error for overselling structured products in the US that led to a loss of around £450 million.  

On Tuesday, Barclays shares were down at 3.3% after falling 4% on Monday. 

According to Eikon data, Monday also saw Capital Group, one of the world’s largest investment firms, sell 399 million Barclays shares. However, there’s presently no proof to suggest the move by Capital Group was connected to the top investor’s $1.2 billion sale.

Other key Barclays shareholders include Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) and Blackrock. According to Eikon data, these each have an approximate 3% stake in the British bank.