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How To Optimise Your Business Procurement Process

There are many moving parts when it comes to business operations. From marketing and sales to HR and accounting, each department has its own unique set of tasks that need to be completed for the company to succeed.

Posted: 13th June 2022 by Finance Monthly
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One area that is often overlooked is procurement. Procurement can be a complex process, but you can optimise it for your business with the right tools and strategies in place. Here's how you can do just that.

Research And Understand Procurement Terms

The first step to optimising your business's procurement process is researching and understanding the different terms associated with it. This will help you identify the right tools and strategies for your company. For example, if you're not familiar with the term procurement spend analysis, you won't be able to manage your company's spending properly.

You should also learn to differentiate some simpler terms and comparisons like invoice vs. purchase order. Invoices are what you receive from vendors after making a purchase. On the other hand, a purchase order is an agreement between your company and a vendor that outlines the terms of a sale. By understanding these terms, you'll be able to manage your company's procurement process more effectively.

Create A Procurement Policy

Once you understand the basics of procurement, you can create a procurement policy for your company. This policy should outline how your company will approach and handle procuring goods and services. Some factors to consider when creating your procurement policy include:

  • The types of products or services your company needs
  • How often your company will need to procure goods or services
  • Your company's budget for procurement
  • How your company will find vendors
  • Types of contracts your company will use

By having a procurement policy in place, you can ensure that your company is getting the best possible products and services at the best possible price.

Evaluate Your Vendors

It's important to periodically evaluate your vendors to ensure that they still meet your company's needs. When evaluating your vendors, some considerations include:

  • The quality of the products or services they provide
  • Their prices
  • How often they deliver on time
  • Whether they are easy to work with
  • Your company's relationship with the vendor

By evaluating your vendors, you can ensure that your company gets the best possible products and services at the best possible price.

Train And Educate Your Workforce

Your employees play a vital role in the procurement process. They are the ones who will be using the products and services that your company purchases, so it's essential that they are properly trained and educated on how to use them. By ensuring that your employees are knowledgeable about the products and services they will be using, you can help to optimise your company's procurement process.

Up Your Negotiation Game

To optimise your company's procurement process, you need to ensure that you are getting the best possible prices for the products and services you are procuring. This means you need to brush up on your negotiation skills when you're entering new procurement negotiations. There are a few key things to keep in mind when you're negotiating with suppliers:

  • Make sure that you know the market price for the product or service you're procuring
  • Don't be afraid to ask for discounts or special pricing arrangements
  • Be prepared to walk away from the negotiation if you're not getting the terms you want

Optimising the procurement process can be challenging and time-consuming, but it's worthwhile to ensure that your company is getting the best possible deals on the products and services it needs. By following the tips above, you can be sure that you're getting the best value for your money.


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