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Essential Areas To Invest In When Running A Business

As a business, growth is the aim of the game. At least, it should be if you don’t want to get left behind. No matter what your industry is, if you’re operating in a competitive, demanding marketplace, you should be looking to grow and stay ahead of your competition. Any edge, no matter how small, could make all the difference to your business.

Posted: 28th July 2022 by
Finance Monthly
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You’ve heard of the phrase ‘You have to speculate to accumulate’, which is definitely true in business. When running a business, there are some areas in particular in which you should invest to help you take it to the next level. Below, we take a look at some of these areas and the importance of putting your cash into them for the business. 

Important areas of business you should invest in

Although it’s essential to keep your costs down so you can make a decent profit when running your business, there are some key areas that it makes sense not to skimp on. Here are some important parts of your business to invest in:


Marketing is one of those areas it’s tempting to neglect if your business is already successful, but it’s indispensable to invest a healthy amount in your marketing. You should be publishing a blog, active on social media and conducting SEO work on your website. 

Marketing is essential because it gets the word out about your business. People can’t buy from you if they don’t know you’re out there. Your marketing, thanks to the income-generating asset that is your business website, can also help you earn money while you sleep. 

In the form of your content marketing, you’ll be building your brand and strengthening your authority. You stand more of a chance of making a sale if a potential customer is already familiar with who you are and what you do.

Training and coaching for employees

Your employees are the cornerstone of your business and need to feel valued if you want them to perform at peak efficiency. Investing in training and coaching for them places them on the road to success in their own careers, which, in turn, generates success for the company as a whole. 

Helping employees develop new skills can reduce turnover because, rather than hiring new employees, you can equip your existing ones with extra skills. This not only builds their confidence in their ability to perform their role but can increase their loyalty as they see that the business appreciates them.


If you’re the business owner, you can become so focused on investing in the different aspects of your business that you forget to invest in another important aspect: yourself. Your company is an extension of yourself, your goals and your community and is your livelihood. You can’t afford to stay static, so take some time to study trends, do some courses and build new skills. All of this will enable you to steer the ship even more effectively than you already have been so far. 


A firm investment in cybersecurity, such as Perimeter 81 SASE solution for businesses, is critical. Failing to do so can come at a high cost. Depending on the size of your company, the losses can run into the millions and the embarrassment can be huge, whereas making this necessary investment can turn out to be the cheaper option.

Importantly, solid cybersecurity creates trust in your brand. A reliable cybersecurity system is a major selling point. You can’t put a price on being able to guarantee the security of the client’s data and your investment will generate a buzz. Clients will reward you with good reviews via word of mouth, doing the sales and marketing for you, and making additional purchases or investments in your business or offering.

Customer support

The support team is the customer’s first point of contact when they have an issue, so it’s important to have a responsive team that will solve problems as soon as they emerge. If you don’t solve problems quickly, this could do serious damage to your credibility as you could receive bad reviews online. 

Investing in some good artificial intelligence could help to ease the burden when it comes to dealing with customer enquiries. Doing so will save you time and also save face, making the investment worth it. 

Human resources

When operating a business, you need people who have experience in growing businesses, so you’ll need a solid human resource (HR) team who have the knowledge and skills to hire the right candidates. A good HR team will keep the hiring process fair, take the burden of the hiring process off you and weed out any employees who aren’t right for the business. They may also take care of any dismissals necessary, an unpleasant hazard of management but one which HR professionals will have the experience to do if the manager isn’t up to the task.

Research and development

A research and development department is one last team you should invest in. If you want to break into a new market or even make a general business breakthrough, these are going to be the people to help you do it. These are solution finders for your business. 

Naturally, when running a business, you’ll want to keep your costs low, but some areas are worth the extra investment. That investment may seem a lot at the time, but further down the line, it will pay dividends. 

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