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How To Find Buyers For A Hoarder House

Hoarding items like furniture, newspapers, antique decorative pieces, toys, and clothes can make your home feel suffocating. Hoarded collectables not only deteriorate the condition of a house but also decrease its market value to a great extent

Posted: 14th July 2022 by Finance Monthly
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In this situation, a company that buys house as-is can help you purchase your hoarded and damaged house as-is. If you also own a hoarder house and cannot sell it, check out our house-selling tips to get reasonable rates for your property.


The cost-free solution to selling a hoarder house is to clean up as much as possible. In addition to the stress that this creates, you must also overcome your unnecessary attachment to items and convince yourself to eliminate the mess collected over the years. After organising the things you want to keep and cleaning your house, you will not only get to live in a clean environment but also receive attractive offers from multiple buyers.

Fix The Structure

When a house is overfilled with hoarded items, it is more likely to incur structural damages from factors such as pests, mould, and broken wiring. If a buyer finds an issue with your home’s structure, they will likely ask you to repair the issue or lower the selling rate. Save your time and consider fixing the sink, stairways, walls, flooring, paint, and anything else that may need repair. The faster and more effectively you fix the damage, the quicker your house will sell.

Approach A Restoration Company

Many restoration companies provide their services to hoarders and help them remove extra items from their houses. If you are unable to clean the mess without external help, you have the option to contact a restoration company. 

A team of experts will arrive at your place and separate the necessary items from the garbage in your presence. The restoration companies also have professionals able to repair a broken or damaged foundation. If you can afford these services, you can hire cleaning and repairing specialists. They will not only do the job professionally using advanced equipment but also restore your house to a good condition.

Contact Real Estate Investors

If none of the above solutions seem to work for you, or you are looking for an effortless option, house-buying companies have you covered. These companies can send a team that inspects the house's condition and presents you with an offer. The best thing about these companies is that they buy houses without asking you to clear up the space. As a result, your house gets sold at fair rates, and you are relieved from the stress of emptying the house.


To sell a hoarder house, it’s necessary to make some amendments to make it acceptable for buyers. Along with the above tips, the easiest and the most recommended way of selling a hoarder house in minimum time is to sell it to cash buyers. They accept the house in its original condition and offer excellent rates despite numerous untreated structural issues.


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