Supporting Merchants’ Needs & Maximising Profit: Interview with MiCamp Solutions

We speak with Micah Kinsler, the President of MiCamp Solutions – a worldwide leader for secure payment processing solutions.

Tell us about MiCamp Solution’s mission and commitment to clients?

MiCamp is much more than credit card processing and merchant services. Our key relationships across the international banking and financial landscape have put us in a position to provide solutions inaccessible to most ISOs and even larger companies. Being sensitive to the needs of our customers incited us to develop new product offerings in financing, funding, PCI compliance and payment analytics software.

With today’s environment of constant technology changes, security concerns and disruptive innovations, MiCamp Solutions is small enough to be responsive, yet strategically networked to be competitive against the largest competitors.

What is Mi-Payment Gateway?

Mi-Payment Gateway is a white-label, optimised and forward-thinking gateway that offers merchants the ability to take advantage of all traditional and non-traditional forms of payments—even QR Codes, AliPay, email, and more. And of course, it has support to reduce processing costs and lower interchange fees.

What makes your approach unique?

MiCamp has become a premier member of Fiserv, Chairman’s Circle (the highest level possible in the payment processing realm) and is proud to be the trusted business partner for over 25,000 merchants across the United States.

How have you achieved this?

Simple: by putting people first.

Without our agents, ISOs, clients, and employees…we’re nothing. We know and we respect that.

What made you decide to work with businesses that are considered high-risk?

I believe in being agnostic when it comes to capitalism. If you’re operating legally in the United States, you should have the same rights as every other company. While some may object to the nature of the products being sold by high-risk companies, we believe they still deserve equal representation and service.

We describe high-risk companies and industries as those that require special attention from their payment providers, due to the potential for commercial disputes and legal restrictions.

What future goals is the company working towards? 

Very simple – to continue to put people first, continue to develop and advance our technology, and always be at least five years ahead of our competition in every product offering within the FinTech space.


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