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Avoid expensive flights

22nd May 2024
Airfares, car rentals and hotel prices decreased by 1% to the year ending April 2024, prices remain 15% higher than 2019 levels. The price of fuel, the shortage of aircrafts as well as the overall inflation and the pandemic plunging many airlines into debt they are still recovering from.   The cheapest way to book […]
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Budget Summer Travel; Slovenia

16th May 2024
Slovenia has so much to offer and being a less visited country your time could be less crowded and cheaper prices can easily be found.   Ljubljana The Capital city of Slovenia should be your first stop, you can fly into the city and stay here as your base. The city is small and easy […]
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Paris Olympics on a budget 2024

10th May 2024
Tickets Tickets first went on sale on the 17th April and most sessions sold out. However there are still football sessions tickets for sale from EUR24. You could also be lucky if you keep an eye out for any sales on tickets as they occasionally release these. Make sure to only purchase tickets from the […]
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Hiring a car on holiday

9th May 2024
Hiring a car when you go on holiday is a popular choice to give you the freedom to go wherever you want without having to rely on public transportation and schedules. If you can, make sure to book a few months in advance to keep costs down.   Popular car hire companies Europcar Avis Enterprise […]
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Retiring in Spain

8th May 2024
Spain is a popular destination to retire for Brits, the warm weather, cuisine and high standard of living has attracted over 8.6 million people to retire here. The most popular areas in Spain to retire include, Alicante and Javea in Costa Blancas well as Mallorca, Madrid and the Costa del Sol. Living in large cities […]
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Budget Summer Travel; Cinque Terre

1st May 2024
A collection of 5 small hillside towns in Italy boasting colourful, picturesque views on the coast, one of the most idyllic places in Italy and one that you should add to your list to visit. Make sure to get travel insurance before your summer trip to ensure security and peace of mind. The towns that […]
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The Cost of Living in Canada

25th April 2024
If you are thinking of a move to one of the most scenic and popular countries then you should be aware of the costs before you go. Moving away from the UK is currently extremely popular for many reasons including the costs rising and the disappointment many feel for the UK government in helping the […]
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The Cost of Escaping war

19th April 2024
The war in Gaza has now been going on since October 2023 with millions of people injured, relocated or having died from the conflict. Those who are lucky have been able to be evacuated from Gaza but there are millions more who are still trapped in the dangerous climate.   The Cost The cost for […]
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How Learning a New Language Influences Financial Opportunities Abroad

19th April 2024
Mastering a language like German can unlock doors in international markets, often leading to untapped financial potential. It's not merely about communication; it's an asset that elevates your marketability worldwide.  Whether you're eyeing career growth or investment opportunities abroad, language proficiency is the key that turns aspirations into tangible successes. Online learning platforms stand ready […]
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Emigrating to Australia - Everything you need to know

19th April 2024
Hi, or should we say G'day! Welcome to the first part of our deep-dive guide, which looks at moving to and living in Australia. The guide covers everything from the basics of the Australian lifestyle, known for its laid-back and outdoor-oriented culture, to the tax systems, which are generally progressive and based on income. We'll […]
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Budget Summer travel; Bilbao

18th April 2024
Where is Bilbao? Bilbao is located in the Basque region of Spain, the north of the country where mountains and nature meet sunny seaside days. Make sure to get travel insurance before your summer trip to ensure security and peace of mind. Why Bilbao? Bilbao in the summer reaches temperatures of an average between 20-30 […]
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Budget summer travel; Lagos

12th April 2024
Your summer of fun is coming and there’s no reason travel can’t be a apart of that this year. There are plenty of places to see without having to blow the budget so you can take the family away, go with friends or go on a solo trip for some sun. To get here, fly […]
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