These costs can sometimes be financially unforgiving, especially for a growing business with lots of inventory, equipment, and employees looking to relocate to a different part of the country.

While no move is ever easy, a big office move can be even more hectic if you are doing so on a budget. 

Luckily, below are a few tips that can help you make a big cross-country move without winding up broke.

Start Planning Early 

One of the best ways to hack a big move on a budget is to start planning as early as possible. For a business, this may entail notifying your employees and customers that you plan on relocating, gathering supplies, finding out how much it will cost, and brainstorming ways to keep your moving budget slim. The sooner you begin your planning process, the more time you will have to find the most cost-effective solutions.


Do you have old and dilapidated furniture sitting around in your current space? Do you have some stuff in your storeroom that went bad months ago? What about damaged or outdated pieces of equipment that perhaps remind you of your very first days in business?

While some things can be quite tempting to hold on to, letting go of what you no longer use/need can help make your big move across the country smoother, safer, and much more affordable. 

Instead of disposing of them, you can consider donating them or selling them at an auction. And for items whose future needs you’re not sure about, renting a temporary storage unit (or borrowing one) could be a viable solution.

Speak To a Relocation Consultant 

Especially if you’re moving to a distant part of the country, seeking help from relocation professionals comes with numerous advantages. 

As the folks from ARC relocation consulting would put it, they have the resources and means to take care of all the logistics relating to your move on your behalf to make your move affordable and stress-free.

For instance, they help you determine how much the move will cost you in terms of staff reimbursements and relocation bonuses. Usually well-connected, good relocation consultants can also recommend a reputable and affordable moving company that suits your needs. 

Additionally, they’ll help you navigate paperwork, permits, and other necessary documentation for your business and its employees as required in your destination state or region.

Use All the Help You Can Get 

If your budget is extremely wanting, you may not have enough to hire a good moving company. In this case, you could be forced to make the move DIY, which can sometimes be nearly impossible to do alone. 

Whether you rent a moving truck or borrow one from a friend, having your employees help with tasks like packing, labeling, and loading can have significant cost savings for your business.

Get a Good Mover 

If you are like most people, it is easy to think of moving companies as expensive or even unnecessary. However, using a moving professional can help you save money in the short or long run. Professional movers who’ve been in the industry for a long time come highly recommended.

They can help ensure that all your items are properly packed and safely transported to your destination without delays, loss, or damage despite the amount and the distance. If you care to shop around for moving companies, some have moving discounts that you can leverage for savings, whereas others allow price negotiation in some cases.

Whether you’re relocating your office or moving house, a big, cross-country move can be frustrating, labor-intensive, and financially pressing. However, it doesn’t have to leave you financially tattered. 

By putting the above tips into action, relocating your home or business to a different part of the country can be less frustrating and more financially forgiving, especially when on a budget.