Milton Keynes mortgage lead generation company Insite Web has launched a new online tool to allow businesses in the finance sector to get an insight into how they can drive and plan their own PPC leads.

Offering a targeted high-performance alternative to lead buying, the tool is part of a suite of services that Insite Web provides leveraging the power of Google search to drive customers to the financial services companies they are looking for.

Traditionally many mortgage brokers and financial advisors have looked to lead generation companies to sell them leads that provide them with prospective clients. Buying leads from third parties is fraught with problems, as leads can be sold to competitors, may be of poor quality, or are quite simply out of date. 

Insite Web believes that to avoid the pitfalls of buying leads companies should be using their brand and website to generate them via PPC search ads. Here ads are used to target customers at the very moment they search online for the best financial services and products.

The Insite Web model of lead generation also lets companies retain control of the rate and profile of the leads generated. The number of leads generated can be scaled too as businesses grow, or even reduced temporarily when needed, for example during holiday periods when fewer advisors may be available to convert leads. This provides firms with much more flexibility than traditional lead buying models.

Generating leads in this way can also drive down the cost for each lead, as insights lead to data and conversion rate improvements, giving companies full control of their customer lead funnel. With the financial services sector having some of the highest costs per lead of any industry, any strategy that brings this cost down is to be welcomed.

Another concern for FCA-regulated UK companies is that leads are generated in a compliant way. Buying leads from a third party makes it much more difficult to be 100% certain that the customers’ details, passed on in the form of leads, weren’t obtained using misleading information or advice.

Insite Web gives financial firms complete ownership and oversight of all search ads used to generate leads. Paul Carmen said, “We ask that financial firms sign-off ads and landing pages to ensure that they are confident that information is accurate, and we don’t work with any firm that isn’t FCA-regulated”.

Proof of the effectiveness of in-house lead generation can be found in the results already seen by existing clients, with Insite Web delivering 6.5 times the average lead generation conversion results for their clients.