The election day has been set for July 4th and the manifestos are yet to be published. For each party they have set out a list of polices they would focus on if they win the election.



Labour lay out some of their top priorities they will tackle.

  • Improving waiting times for treatment and care in the NHS. Labour plan for create 2m more appointments and recruit more staff.
  • Improving state education by ending the tax loopholes which help private schools avoid tax. This will create better funding for state schools including setting up free breakfast clubs and more mental health support.
  • Clamping down on the water companies regulations to reduce the sewage leaks, price increases and improve the workings of these firms.
  • Clearing the backlog in the asylum system, hiring more staff and clamping down on illegal smuggling.
  • More support for victims or sexual violence, setting in place rape units in every police force, more specialists in each unit and fast tracking courts and legal advice for victims.
  • Creating economic stability through a fiscal lock and making the minimum wage a living wage.



Top 5 priorities the Conservative party have laid out.

  • Halve inflation, to ease the cost of living.
  • Grow the economy, creating better paid jobs as well as more opportunity across the country.
  • Reduce debts and secure public services.
  • Cut waiting times in the NHS for treatment and care.
  • Stop the boats, reduce illegal immigration on dangerous small boats. The Rwanda plan is part of this priority to send asylum seekers to Rwanda, deemed a safe country, by the government.


Liberal Democrats

Beliefs the Lib Dems prioritise

  • Emphasising the importance of equality, fair education, legal support and welfare for everyone.
  • Rebuilding international trust and co-operation to improve the UK relations. This will improve UK economy as well.
  • Promoting environmentalism and sustainable living.
  • A strong economy through investing in infrastructure, clamping down on tax avoidance to ensure fair taxes.
  • Policies for healthcare will include reforming dentistry to reduce the expense, open healthcare for everyone and improving appointment wait times, investing in mental healthcare so it is treated equally to physical health.



Some of the policies set out by Reform

  • Cut government spending to reduce waste within the government, this included reducing foreign aid spending by 50%.
  • Reform social housing so that Foreign nationals go to the back of the queue, Reform party believes those who were born overseas should not be given social housing over others.
  • Ban all ULEZ and Low traffic neighbourhoods, scrap bans on selling petrol and diesel cars as well as legal requirement for manufacturers to sell electric cars.



Some of the Core values of the Green party.

  • Priority on free and equal education for everyone with emphasis on continual education.
  • They promote education and action for the climate emergency, they believe the earth is imperative to our survival so should be one of the top priorities to improve.
  • Reducing the demand for energy and raw materials and favouring low energy, non-polluting processes based on renewable resources.
  • Providing worker protection under the law in all sectors and areas.
  • Tackling crime and justice by understanding social causes as well as restorative justice to reduce repeat offenders.