In a complex and ever-shifting financial landscape, it can be difficult to know with any degree of certainty what to do with one’s money. Strategy is key for maximising gains on your savings or investments, necessitating a great deal of research in order to chart the right path for you.rea

Against a backdrop of high inflation and slow growth elsewhere, it is more important than ever that your money works hard for you. As such, you should be looking for key ways to make inflation-beating gains on your hard-earned cash. What, though, are the best ways in which to invest your money at present?

Luxury Property

Property of any kind is a shrewd investment and always has been – even in relatively difficult times for the housing market. This is because property is an extremely valuable asset and one which will always enjoy a high level of demand; few of us want not for comfortable shelter, after all! 

Luxury properties are especially good stores of value and an even better way to grow the size of your estate. Shrewd financial planning through high net worth mortgage brokers can allow you to leverage debt to expand your portfolio, and ultimately profit from an ever-growing market. 


The tech industry is still booming, even after the meteoric rise of Silicon Valley at the end of the 20th century; new developments and innovations continue to fuel significant micro-booms within a now-essential industry for the average consumer or business. 

The latest example of tech breeding investment potential is in AI, where breakout start-ups like OpenAI are disrupting the industry with epochal inventions. It may be too late to maximise gains from investing in the likes of OpenAI, but keeping an eye on the future of tech could allow you to get in on the next big thing on the ground floor.

Sustainable Investments

Regarding investing in businesses, there is another epochal shift happening which could positively influence your portfolio if you play your cards right: climate change. The onset of ecological disaster is a terrifying prospect, but one which has bred incomparable innovation in green spaces. Businesses and start-ups focused on the big challenges of our time – clean energy, recyclable materials, Earth clean-up exercises – are likely to see huge increases in demand, and their respective company values soar as a result.

Alternative Assets

‘Alternative assets’ is almost another way of saying ‘…and the rest!’ when it comes to investment practices. However, the miscellaneous assets that make up an expensive lifestyle can themselves be highly valuable additions to your portfolio. Art is one excellent example, where short-term gambles on promising artists can lead to long-term profits as their stature grows; similar things can be said of investment whiskies. Finally, valuables like watches and jewellery can be stable stores of value.