We know that the property market is incredibly difficult to get on to with higher mortgage rates and struggling to save enough for high deposits. The age for first time home buyers is increasing and people are having to wait longer and spend longer saving and scraping before they can afford to buy their own house.

Due to the cost of living not only are mortgage rates harder to aim for, utilities, food and other living costs make it hard for first time buyers to save enough to move with 53% of renters citing 'affordability' as the main reason for them not planning to buy a house in the next 5 years.

Is there a lack of hope?


Average age for…

Mojo Mortgages has revealed that the average age does also vary depending on the region but the national average for first time home owners is now 33. The region can make a significant difference with location being a large factor in the price of a home. London will always be the most expensive place to live with high demand and not enough supply.

Since 2011 the average age has increased by 3 years showing just how much the prices for mortgages and deposits has risen.