With the elections result naming Labour as the winners we now wait for the action they promised to be delivered.

Labour promises for home owners and renters will be watched to see which ones come through to help those getting onto the property market.

Their Promises for the housing market

  • They have promised to begin work on their housing target to build 1.5 million houses in England through the next parliament. Building more houses should help increase supply for the property market. A large problem has been the difference in people wanting to buy a home to the small amount of homes for sale. This has caused prices to increase as seller take advantage of the limited choice.

This promise also included the building of affordable and council housing helping those on lower incomes also get onto the property market.


  • They have stated they will keep the Stamp duty threshold at £425,000 meaning first time home buyers won't have to pay the tax on their home below this amount. This takes off some of the financial pressure for first time home owners encouraging people to be able to make this step.


  • Banning ‘no fault’ evictions to protect renters. Also ensuring that landlords investigate and fix reported health hazards in their rented properties.


  • National Warm Homes plan to eliminate fuel poverty by 2030. This would need upgrading every home that needs it to EPC standard which would save families £500 on energy bills and keep households warm.


  • They have also noted their wish to keep mortgage rates low and help people get onto the property market.



Now Labour are in parliament we wait to see when and if their promises and followed through to see what a labour government means for the housing market.