Google’s Ex CLO Stephan Thoma Shares Model for L&D Innovation

Stephan Thoma, Google’s ex Global CLO, shares his thinking on an innovation model you can use allocate resources to allow for fresh thinking, new ideas and experimentation. Sign up for more thought leadership pieces here:…

About Stephan:
Stephan Thoma has been an executive level leader in the global talent & leadership development world for over 25 years, most notably at Google for nearly eight years as Global L&D Director. He is now an independent Advisor and Coach to L&D /HR leaders, and Visiting Professor at the Centre for the Digital Economy.

About Fuse:
Fuse Universal (Fuse) is a global learning technology solution disrupting the learning technology and communication space. Fuse has a new approach to online learning, knowledge sharing and communication in the workplace through its innovative technology platform, that supports continuous, social, blended and mobile learning.

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