Fintech III Acquires Integrated Payments and Commerce Solution Provider, Paya

FinTech Acquisition Corp. III (NASDAQ: FTAC) announced that it has entered into a definitive merger agreement with Paya, a leading integrated payments and commerce solution provider. This deal is expected to have a significant impact ion the fintech trading market.

The special purpose acquisition company also listed shared upon completion of the transaction, the resulting company will continue to operate as Paya. It will be listed using its new symbol PAYA on NASDAQ. The combined company, Paya, now has an implied enterprise value of roughly $1.3 billion as a result of the transaction.

Paya CEO Jeff Hack tweeted that the company is excited about the new partnership and hopes it would accelerate their journey of becoming a public company. He also thanked the company’s existing majority equity holder, GTCR for their continued support and investment.

He added that Paya has an impressive track record of “creating differentiated value” for its software integration partners along with their end customers. Hack also expressed his vision for the future of Paya as a publicly traded company, saying that they will continue investing in product innovation, while also focusing on providing their software partners with excellent support. He added that they company will continue to work towards having access to the required capital for more strategic acquisitions.

Paya management team to continue handling growth strategy

The current management team of Paya, led by CEO Jeff Hack, will continue to be in charge of handling and executing growth strategy of the combined company. GTCR, a leading private equity firm, will continue to be the largest stockholder of the company.

GTCR is no new name in the fintech industry. In fact, it is a long-time investor in the industry known for its successful support of fast-growing finance and payments public companies such as Syniverse, VeriFone, and Transaction Network Services.

The current management team of Paya, led by CEO Jeff Hack, will continue to be in charge of handling and executing growth strategy of the combined company.

Commenting on the merger, Managing Director of GTCR, Collin Roche said that the agreement between Fin Tech III and Paya shows the effectiveness of their Leaders Strategy™ approach and its ability to transform various businesses that belong to industries that GTCR knows as well as the payments industry.

They also expressed their excitement to provide continued support to Paya in “this next chapter of growth,” adding that the management team has made calculated investments in technology and talent to build a unique, effective, and scalable integrated payments platform in attractive end markets.

Paya shows a hopeful future in trading

Meanwhile, Paya is no newcomer either. It already has more than 100,000 customers and processes a total of more than $30 billion. It can even deliver vertically-tailored payments solutions to its business customers through Paya Connect, an ACH platform and proprietary card. Paya partners with well-known software providers to deliver these solutions to their business customers, many of which are in markets like healthcare, education, non-profit and faith-based, B2B goods and services, and more.

One of Paya’s major appeals is that it boasts a seasoned management team with years of industry experience. The team, led by CEO Jeff Hack, has a combined experience of more than 100 years in the payments industry and they have worked with major companies such as PayPal, JPMorgan Chase, Vantiv, and First Data.

Additonally, Paya also has an attractive financial profile. Its impressive KPIs have set industry standards, and includes an average ticket of more than $200. Besides, the company has a proven track record of high cash flow generation supported by a strong operating leverage and historical growth.

Looking at these impressive highlights, Paya shows a promising future in trading as a public traded company.

Implications of the transaction

Apart from the implied enterprise value of approximately $1.3 billion for the combined company, the transaction has several other implications. Fin Tech III’s cash in trust will find the cash component of the consideration, along with a private placement from a number of organizations.

The balance of the consideration will include shares of common stock in the combined company. Suppose stock price targets – as specified in the definitive merger agreement – are met. In that case, it is likely that current equity holders in Paya will receive an earnout of additional shares of common stock. By rolling over a large amount of equity into the combined company, the equity holders, along with the management team and GTCR, will continue to be the largest stock holders.

The merger is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of this year. Approvals from FinTech III stockholder as well as regulatory bodies are still pending as of now.

This transaction is likely to have a significant impact in the fintech trading market. While trading, it is important for investors to use only trusted and reliable trading platforms so they have access to reliable knowledge and resources.


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