How to Select a Credit Repair Company

While having a low credit score doesn’t affect your daily life, it can prove troublesome when the time comes to apply for a loan or credit card.

The lower your credit score, the higher the chance potential lenders see you as a high-risk borrower.

If you’ve found yourself in this exact predicament, you might be wondering if there’s anything you can do to solve the problem. Credit repair companies might be able to help, but it’s worth putting time and effort into choosing the right one. Here are some factors to consider.

Their Professionalism

Some credit repair companies can be in a hurry for you to sign on the dotted line – even before you know what you’re getting into. What you will notice with some of the best credit repair companies is that they put time and effort into ensuring you understand what they can do for you. They explain how they look for errors, review negative items, and negotiate with creditors on your behalf.

It can also be worth learning more about debt and credit scores by checking out the Federal Trade Commission website. You can then gain an understanding of the documents to expect from your chosen company, such as a Notice of Cancellation and a copy of the Consumer Credit File Rights.

Services Offered

Some credit repair companies will offer the full package, such as credit-counseling, loans, creditor engagement, and credit bureau communication. However, some will just offer a few of the many services you may require to improve your credit score.

Before you decide on the company you’d like to work with, explore their website to determine what they can do for you. There’s also no harm in asking them questions about their offerings and whether they can assist with particular problems, like getting a mortgage with a bad credit score.

Customer Reviews

Many things can impact a brand or business’s reputation. However, at the top of that list is customer reviews. Do your homework online to establish what people’s experiences have been with that particular credit repair company.

Take note of what is being said on social media, Google, and even in news articles. These factors can help ensure you choose one of the best credit repair companies for your needs.


In most cases, consumers feel more comfortable working with businesses that offer guarantees. They can often provide the illusion of safety and security, not to mention the peace of mind that you’ll get the results you desire.

Regarding credit scores, guarantees of improvement can have the opposite effect. It’s rarely possible to predict how credit bureaus or creditors react to requests for information and changes.

If you’re viewing a credit company that guarantees a credit repair in as little as x number of days, look elsewhere. As stressed as you might be about your financial situation, you can’t always expect the miracles that some credit repair companies try to offer.

Just as you would do your due diligence before choosing a bank, lending company, or any business, it pays to do the same with a credit repair company. Compare services, reviews, and professionalism levels before you make your final decision.

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