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9 Cash App Alternatives

Not too long ago, Cash App emerged as a tremendous P2P payment app on the mobile payment scene. The convenience, flexibility, and other great features (Bitcoin dealings and stock investment) that it offers increased its popularity to the point that it grew to have over 36 million users. But those are just the good parts.

Posted: 14th September 2021 by
Finance Monthly
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The flip side is that Cash App has its drawbacks. For example, Cash App users can’t enjoy bill splitting, and they have restrictions on the amount ($1,000) they can receive within a month. Then there are the geo-restrictions (the U.K. and U.S. users only) and limited social experience to be considered. These drawbacks imply that Cash App isn't for everyone. That’s why we will be looking at some alternatives that you can explore if Cash App no longer works for you. Read on.

1. Venmo 

Venmo is a great payment transfer solution for small and middle-sized businesses that do not need the hassles of the more complex payment solutions out there. Available on iPhone, iPad and Android, Venmo is compatible with Bitcoin. It allows you also to pay friends and family, send money, and make purchases with your Venmo account. You also get to link your bank account or debit card to your Venmo account with zero hassles. But simplicity and convenience are not all that Venmo offers. Users are guaranteed secure transactions, too, as premium encryption measures protect their account information. You also have your account activity monitored so that unauthorised transactions are easily detected. One big selling point of the Venmo app is that standard service is free, and only a 1% fee is deducted for instant transfers. To read more about Venmo limits, check out Almvest's article on the topic.

2. PayPal

PayPal is one of the best payment processing brands out there. This payment processing solution is user-centric and has a robust encryption technology that secures your transactions. With PayPal, users get to transfer money to and from any U.S.-based bank account and several foreign accounts. There are no charges for transferring funds to family or friends from a PayPal or bank account balance. However, you'd need to pay certain charges to send money from a credit card or convert currencies.

3. Sage Payment Solutions 

This is an effective financial solution for businesses that need a cost-effective payment solution with a global outreach. It is designed to serve all sizes of businesses by facilitating the smooth flow of funds. Sage Payment Solutions offers excellent payment processing options and seamless integration to Sage accounting solutions so that you can get faster payments via e-invoicing. Your business also gets to generate made-to-order invoices that come with automatic payment reconciliation and click-to-play options. Sage Payment Solutions is available for Cloud, Windows and Mac and is an excellent alternative for companies that accept payments. 

4. Apple Pay

Apple Pay offers secure, contactless purchases for owners of Apple devices who need to carry out financial transactions on the go. It is a safe and simple way to make payments without the trouble of handling cash or having to fill out any forms at all. Available for Cloud, Mac, iPhone and iPad, Apple Pay allows you to pay for whatever you want with nothing more than a touch. One of the best things about Apple Pay is that it supports credit cards, debit cards, In-App and In-Store payments and enables cryptocurrency transactions. 

5. Revolut

This financial app is one of the heavy-hitters in the industry as it is specifically designed for firms that need software solutions that offer them great control over their finances. It is available for Cloud, iPhone, iPad and Android and is a great tool to have when managing the financial aspects. There are no hidden fees for sending and receiving international payments, and its multi-currency accounts allow its users to transact in over 28 currencies at real exchange rates. With a Revolut business account, users can make local and international payments free of charge as long as the transfers are within their plan allowances. With a Revolut Business account, you can issue virtual and physical in addition to tracking the spending activity of your staff. Plus, you get to capture receipts in the app and program your expenditure. 

6. Coinbase 

Cryptocurrency has revolutionised the global financial space, and more people are looking to exploit its potential for financial transactions. Coinbase was designed with cryptocurrency transactions in mind. Available for Cloud, iPhone, iPad, and Android, the Coinbase app provides an excellent platform for buying, selling, and managing your cryptocurrency. Users get to trade in popular digital currencies easily while enjoying the ability to keep their funds in a vault that is linked with their bank accounts. If you are looking to make the most of your cryptocurrency transactions, then Coinbase is the app for you. 

7. Zelle 

Zelle provides an excellent way for users to pay friends or family right from their bank. Once Zelle users have an account at a participating bank, they can send cash with same-day transfers to recipients with an account at any participating bank. The good news is that many banking giants like Chase, Bank of America, Citi, U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo, Ally and Capital One are all Zelle participants. Better still, sending and receiving money via Zelle is free of charge. It even gets better; you can send without having to install the Zelle app on your phone.

8. Facebook Pay 

Facebook Pay allows you to make payments and other financial obligations easily and securely. It is available for Cloud, iPhone, iPad, and Android, and it allows you to buy stuff from the Marketplace easily. You can also connect Facebook Pay to other apps so that you can easily transact there whenever you want. The payment gateway is designed to facilitate payments for goods and services on Facebook apps and products. Plus, users get to transfer money to friends and family just as quickly as sending a Facebook message. 

9. Skrill 

Skrill is another popular payment software that you could use in place of the Cash App. Available for Cloud, Skrill offers users an online wallet that allows users to make online payments and send money online. Plus, users get to have a Skrill card and enjoy a loyalty program. 


Cash App is a great payment processing app. However, it is not without shortcomings that make it less than suitable for specific situations and demands. There are way too many financial situations for one app to satisfy, no matter how great the app is. Thankfully, other great apps have certain features which can make up for the drawbacks of the Cash App.The apps described in this article are by no means all there are in the payment processing solution space. However, we consider them close alternatives to Cash App, and we hope you found one that serves you.

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