That’s why people are drawn to invest in silver IRAs, not only because it’s a nice safe-haven asset, but silver is also an asset that can be added to the retirement plan that doesn’t require paying higher premiums, unlike with other precious metals. As an investment, silver is often overlooked; investors usually opt for the more popular gold when investing in precious metals. However, 2021 could be a good year for a silver IRA (individual retirement account). 

What’s An IRA?

An IRA (individual retirement account) is a savings account similar to 401K. IRAs have certain tax advantages, which account holders can use for savings and long-term investments. There are several types of IRAs, and all have tax benefits that act as incentives for people who save for retirement. 

Withdrawals to an IRA account could be tax-free, or contributions could be tax-deductible. Anyone who has an earned income can open an account at investment companies, brokers, robo-advisors (automated investing services), and banks. 

Precious Metal IRAs

Precious metal IRAs are a type of self-directed IRAs. Self-directed IRAs let account holders invest in a wide variety of assets, such as art, real estate, and other unconventional assets that may not be available for investors holding regular IRAs. Regular IRAs focus on paper assets, like stocks and bonds. 

Many investors use precious metal IRAs as opportunities to put their money on precious metals, like silver, because they typically retain and increase in value over time. They’re an ideal long-term investment. However, if you’re thinking of getting a silver IRA, you should invest in eligible silver bars and coins. For starters, the silver should be 99.9% pure bullion. 

Reasons For Investing In A Silver IRA In 2021

Silver will always be among the most in-demand precious metals. The past few years have shown that although silver hasn’t had a substantial price increase, it hasn’t had a substantial price depreciation, either. An asset like this is especially valuable during economic turmoil. When people lose their trust in paper money, that’s when they turn to tangible assets, like silver. Other reasons why you should invest in a silver IRA are discussed below. 

Great For Portfolio Diversification

A silver IRA isn’t subject to the vagaries of an uncertain market. It holds its value over time, which makes it an excellent safe-haven asset. However, it isn’t advisable to put all your eggs in one basket. Ideally, you should diversify your portfolio. Most financial advisers will tell you that your investments shouldn’t rely on the performance of just one type of asset. 

The consensus among financial advisers is that if you want to invest your retirement funds in silver, you should invest only a portion of your funds. Having a part of your funds in a stable asset means you’re protected when the economy is in a tailspin. That part can serve as an anchor to your entire portfolio, while the rest can be invested in other assets that could give you high returns. That way, your portfolio will be flexible enough to absorb a few hits, if ever.    

Demand For Silver Remains High

Silver isn’t just used as an investment; it’s also widely used in different industries. It’s a critical component in solar panels, water treatment, electric vehicles, and others. Investment in this precious metal will likely increase this 2021. Manufacturing might have taken a hit last year, but with batteries and solar panels’ demands expected to rise this 2021, all indications point to an increase in industrial use this year. 

As technology advances, demand for this metal will increase even more. The world’s supply of silver will likely be unable to keep up. Demand could exceed supply. If that happens, silver will be more valuable than ever. 

It Can Protect Your Capital From Inflation

The value of paper currencies can depreciate and lose their value over time. With silver, your investment is protected against economic recessions and inflation. Historically, silver’s value has been going up; for example, the silver dollar’s value has increased tenfold over the years, while the paper dollar, in the same period, has lost its value by as much as 90%. 

A silver IRA investment could protect your nest egg. Inflation wouldn’t erode too much of your capital, and your purchasing power is stabilised. Besides, even in the direst economic prognosis, silver’s value won’t reach zero. Silver will always be worth something.      

Control In Times Of Uncertainties

The world may be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but until the tunnel has been left behind, these are, still, uncertain times. That’s why it’s essential that you have a degree of control over your investment funds. A traditional retirement account is limited to mutual funds, treasury notes, and stocks and bonds, all publicly traded. 

With a self-directed silver IRA, you can control your asset mix. You’ll have more flexibility when it comes to your gains or the degree of risk you’re willing to take. If you’re one of the investors who like to take a more active role in your retirement portfolio, then holding a silver IRA is ideal for you. You can plan for your long-term strategy with such an account.  

Final Thoughts

Investing in a silver IRA can protect your nest egg from economic turmoil, like what happened in 2020. This year, because of the expected increase in manufacturing, silver’s price is predicted to rise. A silver IRA is also a great way to diversify your holdings. Keep in mind that it’s not advisable to put all your eggs in one basket. Diversifying is always a preferred strategy in managing an individual’s investment. 

Spreading your funds to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, treasury notes, and precious metals, like silver, is a sound and safe strategy. Your portfolio won’t be dependent on the performance of one type of asset. With a precious metal like silver as your portfolio’s anchor, your investment won’t be at the stock market’s mercy.