Surge In Used Car Sales Post Covid

The pandemic caused many unforeseen circumstances to occur and none was less readily foreseeable than the effect it had on the used car market. In short, people started to want to avoid public transport for getting around and, instead, either preferred to book taxis or to drive themselves.

The result of this phenomenon was that the second-hand car market went through something of a boom in 2020 and, then into much of 2021, as well. Coupled with this phenomenon was a problem with brand new cars coming onto the market. A combination of different factors meant that new cars didn’t roll off production lines as regularly as they did in recent years. Sometimes, it was down to supply chains being interrupted by national lockdowns that caused delays with parts reaching manufacturers. Sometimes, it was because skilled car technicians and factory workers were self-isolating. There again, in the UK, the departure from the EU also seems to have had an effect because British car buyers have faced some of the worst problems.

That being said, the surge in the used car market Britain has witnessed over the last two years cannot be entirely put down to the lack of availability of new cars. In addition, to the pandemic and the cost of brand new vehicles, more and more motorists see buying second-hand as the ecologically friendly thing to do. Rather than writing a car off before it has truly reached the end of its life, buying a second-hand one gives it a new lease of life. As many consumers have become more environmentally aware of the consequences of their choices, more have chosen to opt for a used car rather than a new one.

In addition, reliable second-hand car dealers are now much more trusted by the UK’s many used car buyers than ever before. Whereas private sellers offer consumers very little protection, this is not the case with trusted dealers like KAP Motors. In fact, KAP Motors offers a wide range of fully inspected second-hand cars. Call on 01273 748484 for details and to find out more about the range of different cars on offer. After all, this is a safer and less risky way to buy a used car than ringing around private sellers who may demand cash payments. Many people simply feel more secure when purchasing from a professionally run used car dealership that can take card payments, after all. 

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