The UK property market has seen sky rocketing prices including rising mortgage rates making it more difficult for people to get on the property ladder. House prices have been falling slowly even in places like Manchester.

Where has seen the biggest price falls?

East of England, South East and South West have seen the largest price falls in the last year with the average home costing £344,000.

This is still +30% above the UK average.

The Property market 2024

Zoopla has recorded that there is currently an increase in sales and demand for house meaning on either side of the transaction this could be getting easier

There is 15% more property sales agree than in 2023.

An 11% uplift in buyer demand as buyers return to the market.

There are also 21%  more homes for sale which is increasing the choice for buyers.


The most expensive places to buy a house

London will always win the top spot and currently the average price here id £523,400 which is almost two times more than the UK Average.