Trying to get a mortgage can be a difficult process and making sure you are eligible before beginning could speed up the process for you. If you are starting the mortgage application process then you will know there are many documents you will need to have for this. To make sure you are eligible to begin ensure you meet the requirements of your lender.


What you will need to be eligible

  • Proof of income through bank statements and payslips
  • You will need proof that your income comes from a legitimate source.
  • Proof that you have the deposit amount as well as proof that this came from a legitimate source.
  • Proof of expenses, your lender will check your statements to make sure paying back a loan will fit into your lifestyle, they will check for any regular payments and patterns so they know you will be pay the loan back in full.
  • You need to earn enough to be able to show you will be reliable and have proof your financial situation won’t change soon.


Why some lenders might reject your application


  • You have a poor credit score
  • You don’t earn enough
  • You are not on the electoral register for them to check your identity
  • You have too many credit applications on your file
  • You have large debt
  • If you have lived in the UK for less than the last 3 years